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Defense Ministry: the behavior of the United States looks like the patronage of oil smuggling

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation accused the United States on the protection of illegal oil trade by terrorist organization «Islamic state».

Official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov said that the stance of American foreign and defense Ministers on oil smuggling ISIS into Turkey is a vivid example of double standards. He added that it is not just deceit, it’s almost a patronage to this type of illegal activity, reports «Interfax».

Konashenkov said that the Pentagon and the state Department acknowledged the authenticity of the evidence about the routes of oil smuggling by ISIS. However, he stressed that the allegations of the American side that the trucks do not cross the Turkish border, only cause a smile, because «photography is a static image».

He also invited US to check their data with drones that gather intelligence in Syria and Iraq.

On 2 December the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation officially accused the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Taiba of involvement in buying oil from the terrorist organization «Islamic state». The defence Ministry claimed to have identified three routes of smuggling oil to Turkey, and has published satellite photos to confirm this data.

The Pentagon on the same day stated that it has no evidence linking Turkey to buy oil from the terrorist group «Islamic state» in Syria and rejects the accusations against the Turkish authorities about his involvement in this business.

Then the head of the oil and gas Commission of the Parliament of the Kurdish Autonomous region Sherko Cevdet said that on the Russian photos depicted the trucks with the oil of the Iraqi Kurds, it is legal following the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

The U.S. Department of state December 4, stated that he has no information confirming Russian claims that the Turkish oil trade with terrorist organization «Islamic state».

Defense Ministry: the behavior of the United States looks like the patronage of oil smuggling 05.12.2015

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