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«Defenseless Russian bomber» is a new meme Runet with the words of Putin

From Monday evening, 30 November, social media is spreading rapidly quote «defenseless Russian bomber» attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. This quote can be considered a new «meme» (a meme, a unit of cultural information) Runet, although it is not completely accurate.

Actually, Putin, answering questions of journalists during the climate summit in Paris, said: «as for the topic of the downed Russian plane, then, of course, those occasions almost all of my bilateral meetings, I gave relevant explanations and talked about what happened. But, as far as I know, you have no idea, and saw all colleagues listened carefully and the vast majority share at least the notion that there was no need to strike at the unprotected Russian bomber, which Turkey did not threaten» (quoted from the official press release of the Kremlin website).

Putin explained the reason for his late arrival at a summit in Paris with his intense work schedule. «The fact that I was not present at the photographing and some ritual things, this is, again, a matter of purely technical nature associated with work schedules and with colleagues to discuss until end of in detail everything we had here today and to say the session for which I came here, and during bilateral meetings,» – said the Russian leader. Meanwhile, Putin noted that Russia expresses its condolences to the French in connection with perfect in Paris attacks.

«Defenseless Russian bomber» is a new meme Runet with the words of Putin 01.12.2015

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