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Democratic Senator accused the Director of the FBI of withholding information about the Russian hackers

Democratic Senator Harry Reid have made strong accusations against the FBI on the background of statements by the CIA that Russia has sought to influence the outcome of the US presidential elections with the aim to lead to victory for Donald trump.

Harry Reid said that FBI Director James Comey knew about the actions of the Russian hackers, but concealed this information, The Guardian reports. He did not explain on what basis he came to this conclusion. However, the Democrats long ago sharply criticized the head of the FBI, including, for 10 days before the election, he reported on new audits in the case of an email, Hillary Clinton.

Senator Harry Reid compared the James Komi to the famous FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who is often accused of political intrigues, and demanded that he resign.

As reported by the newspaper The Washington Post, the CIA has identified «associated with the Russian people», who supplied WikiLeaks with numerous emails, stolen from servers of the Democratic national Committee, the Chairman of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton and others. Intelligence agencies believe that the documents transferred elements associated with the Russian intelligence.

However, a CIA report there is no indication that the Russian government ordered the hacking of the servers of the American political organizations, as well as the transfer of documents to WikiLeaks.

Environment trump has rejected the conclusions of the CIA and noted that allegations of Russian interference in the elections was made by the same structure, which believed that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.

Democratic Senator accused the Director of the FBI of withholding information about the Russian hackers 11.12.2016

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