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Deputy Eli Cohen called to recall Ambassador from Sweden

Knesset member Eli Cohen («Kulan») invited urgently to recall Ambassador from Sweden for consultations after another anti-Israeli remarks by Minister for foreign Affairs of Sweden Margot Wallström.

Speaking at the event «Shabatot» in Petah Tikva, Eli Cohen said that it is necessary to recall Ambassador for consultations, as the Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden allows itself statements justifying the terror.

Eli Cohen said that a new statement by Margot Wallström demonstrates her ignorance and desire to please the Islamic extremists.

Recall that in the discussion of foreign policy in the Swedish Parliament three MPs told the Minister that Stockholm had taken a very unbalanced position against Israel and obviously sided with the Palestinians.

Margot Wallström said in response that condemns every terror, including attacks by Palestinians against Israelis and recognizes Israel’s right to defend itself but the Israeli response «should not be like extrajudicial execution» or lead to such a large number of casualties on the Palestinian side.

The Israeli foreign Ministry strongly condemned this statement and noted that «the Minister of foreign Affairs of Sweden requires from the Israelites to substitute the neck under the knife of terrorists, thirsting for their blood».

Of the Swedish foreign Ministry, in turn, said that the words of the Minister Wallström were misunderstood. According to this version, it didn’t accuse Israel of extrajudicial executions of Palestinians, but only said that the rules of international law require proportionality and precision in the actions, and this applies to both sides.

Earlier, Margot Wallström made the link between the terrorist attacks in Paris and the «desperate situation of the Palestinians». Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus was summoned for clarification in the Israeli foreign Ministry. At the time, Stockholm is also said that Wallström misunderstood.

Deputy Eli Cohen called to recall Ambassador from Sweden 05.12.2015

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