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Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada celebrates in his song leader of the Nazis of Hitler

A week after Petro Poroshenko apologized for the Ukrainian participation in the Holocaust, in the Internet appeared the video, where Ukrainian MP Artem Vitko, the commander of the volunteer battalion of the MIA of Ukraine «Lugansk-1», sings a song in honor of Adolf Hitler, glorifying the leader of the Nazis.

This video quickly spread online and caused concern regarding Ukrainian democracy, reported on Sunday, December 27, foreign media, as well as the website of the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

«Adolf Hitler along with us Adolf Hitler in each of us, and the eagle with iron wings will come to the rescue at the right time» – it is told in this song, sung by a Ukrainian MP. Otmetim that the leader of «Radical party» Oleg Lyashko represented in the Verkhovna Rada Vitko, called the statement Poroshenko a «humiliation of Ukrainians», since the Israeli Knesset has not recognized the Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

«Even if we’re not surprised by these statements Lyashko, we, nevertheless, shocked by his strange and inappropriate comparisons and denial of historical facts», – quotes news Agency RIA Novosti the words of the chief Rabbi of Ukraine Yakov Dov Bleich.

«The video, which member of the Ukrainian Parliament sings a song, praising Hitler, emphasizes an extremely deep problem in modern Ukrainian democracy, which is manifested in the efforts of this country (and other countries of post-Communist Eastern Europe, especially Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary) to rewrite the history of world war II and the Holocaust,» says Professor Efraim Zuroff from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

We will remind that in April of this year the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the law «On the legal status and honoring the memory of participants of struggle for independence of Ukraine in XX century» and gave its members the right to social guarantees. The organization came in and ultranationalistic movement of the OUN-UPA, whose leaders were Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. According to the data, which unveiled the memorial complex Yad Vashem, Shukhevych involved in the mass murder of the Jews of Lviv during the Holocaust.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada celebrates in his song leader of the Nazis of Hitler 28.12.2015

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