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Der Spiegel: Ex-Bundeswehr geninspektor praises Russia’s role in Syria


Former General inspector of the German Bundeswehr Harald Kujat praised Russia’s role in the Syrian conflict, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel.

«Military intervention, the Russians made it possible for the peace process in Syria,» — said the ex-General to the newspaper Passauer Neuen Presse. According to him, 2015 in the Syrian conflict was calm. «Neither the Americans nor the Europeans had no strategy to restore peace in Syria. They were not ready for a serious intervention. And did the Russians, thus opening the window for a political solution,» he said.

Prior to Russian interference, as noted Quiet, the Syrian army was just a few steps away from the loss: «I gave her only a few weeks. Then she would have ceased to exist, and ISIL would take Syria under control.» The next target for ISIL, according to the military, would be to Lebanon and then Israel. «This would have very serious consequences for us,» said Kujat.

A former geninspektor expressed doubts about the established views, as if Russian President Vladimir Putin by pounding Aleppo trying to aggravate the situation in Syria. Russia, according to Kwiat, follows a clear strategic plan: «Putin’s Goal is to support the offensive of Syrian troops on the territory controlled by «Islamic state». And Aleppo still was something of a setback, as the city held by the Syrian opposition.»

According to Der Spiegel, Russia began strikes on ISIL targets and the Syrian opposition in late September. In turn, the bombing of Aleppo continued for a few weeks. According to rumors, the city destroyed by water and thousands of buildings, tens of thousands of people became refugees. Western countries have sharply criticized the airstrikes. As stated by the special envoy of the US President on combating ISIS Brett Makers, Moscow is playing thereby into the hands of the ISIL.

Der Spiegel: Ex-Bundeswehr geninspektor praises Russia’s role in Syria 12.02.2016

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