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Der Spiegel: the EU and NATO hold exercises against fake news

The European Union and NATO will conduct a series of exercises to determine their readiness to counter cyber-attacks and campaigns of falsified news, as well as to enhance the vigilance of the politicians against new types of threats. It is reported by German magazine Der Spiegel with reference to the answer of the Ministry of defense of Germany at the request of the party «Left».

On Thursday, as stated in the article, in Estonia will be teaching under the name EU CYBRID 2017, which, according to the scenario will be simulated various cyber attacks on the headquarters of the EU. The exercise will be attended by the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen and her counterparts from other European countries.

In September and October planned exercises EU 17 PACE, which will be held in two stages. According to the German defense Ministry, according to the scenario during the exercise, PACE 17 EU «are committed hacker attacks on several EU member States. At the same time recorded an increase in the number of fabricated news reports».

Teaching emphasizes the publication, show that the EU and NATO are trying as best as possible to prepare for such «hybrid attacks.» The latter is a method of warfare with the use of hacker attacks, dissemination of disinformation and the involvement of soldiers without signs of belonging to a particular country. Western countries accuse Russia of using those tactics during the conflict in Ukraine.

Western governments see in these campaigns a serious threat during elections or periods of political instability. For example, the German Bundeswehr has become a victim of this campaign of false news aimed against the presence of German soldiers in the Baltic countries, adds Der Spiegel.

Der Spiegel: the EU and NATO hold exercises against fake news 06.09.2017

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