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Der Tagesspiegel: Iran is developing missiles that carry nuclear warheads

Representatives of security services of Germany claim that the Iranian regime is developing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in violation of the agreement of Islamic Republic with the leading powers of the West in July 2015.

This was written at the end of last week Berlin daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

«Despite the agreement, Iran did not abandon its illegal activities in Germany and, in particular, in the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Ayatollah regime is making efforts to obtain materials from German companies for the development of its nuclear program and missile development, what is its long-term goal,» – said in an article published last Friday.

The author of this material, journalist Frank Jansen, who is priznannym an expert in the field of combating Islamic terror, refers to a source in the security services of Germany.

«Security experts argue that Iran is very interested in acquiring equipment to expand the range of manufactured missiles. However, the number of attempts to acquire nuclear technologies fell from 141 in 2015 to 32 x in 2016.

The reason for this is differences in the environment of high-ranking members of the regime. President Hassan Rouhani wants to slow the development of nuclear program, while the command of aerospace forces «Pasdaran» tends to intensify this activity at any cost,» writes Jansen.

Der Tagesspiegel: Iran is developing missiles that carry nuclear warheads

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