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Detained participants of attack on Israelis near Nablus

In the night of Friday, 19 may, soldiers from the brigade «Shomron» with the assistance of the General security service (SHABAK) had an operation in which were arrested one suspected of involvement in yesterday’s attacks on Israelis in the area of PPC «Hawara».

They also confiscated a bus to «the Post» took the rioters, and the car, «red Crescent», from which came the men who attacked Israelis. The driver of this ambulance was detained for questioning, the press service of the IDF.

The investigation into the attacks on Israelis in the area of PPC «Hawara» and the actions of the Israelis, shot dead one of the attackers and wounding another, continues.

May 18, near the checkpoint «Hawara», South of Nablus, because of the riots organized by a large group of Arabs in solidarity with hunger-striking administrative detainees in the Israeli prisons, experiencing the traffic jam, which trapped dozens of cars with Israeli license plates. Many of these cars got damaged as a result of stone attacks.

One of the Israelis – a resident of the settlement of Itamar, a father of eight children
once in a life-threatening situation, opened fire at the attackers.

According to this man, and witnesses to the incident are as follows: he was returning home from the supermarket, when near the checkpoint «Hawara» riots broke out in his car, stones were thrown, and at some point his car blocked the car, «red Crescent», when the Israelis got out of the car, jumped out of the ambulance men (one of them was wearing a bulletproof vest) and attacked him. In this situation, the Israelis opened fire (according to reports, he first shot into the air, and then opened fire on defeat). Later, the Israeli said that if he did not take measures of self-defense, it would most likely lynched.

As a result of this incident, was killed by 23-year-old mu’taz Hussein Bani Hilal Shams from the village of Beit. Injured Majdi Astia, freelancer for the Associated Press who was taken to the hospital in Rafidia (at first it was reported that he received wounds of moderate severity, but later it was clarified that he was slightly wounded).

In the message, Maan says that a Jewish settler shot of participants of «peace March» expressing solidarity with hunger-striking administrative detainees in Israeli jails. In this action, according to the military, was attended by about 200 people. That the protesters threw stones at the car, Maan was said.

After the shooting incident, riots broke out with renewed vigor. Military and frontier guards had to use non-lethal weapons to disperse the crowd.

There were also reports of clashes, Israeli military and Palestinian Arabs near Qalqiliya.

We will remind that on may 17 near the village of Silwad the driver of the car with Israeli number, moving on highway 60, opened fire from a pistol at a group of Palestinian Arabs throwing stones at a passing car. One of campetella received injuries of moderate severity. The shooter was detained for questioning.

Detained participants of attack on Israelis near Nablus 19.05.2017

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