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Die Welt: In Lower Saxony has banned the burqa

In the German Federal state of lower Saxony, apparently in August, will introduce a ban on wearing the burqa in schools, according to the German newspaper Die Welt. The local Parliament will adopt a decision about amending the school act later this month.

The reason for changing the law was the case of a student from the city of Belm, who for religious reasons wore a veil and refused to remove it. This case has caused fierce debate among local politicians.

The bill, as the newspaper notes, States that «students by their behavior or clothing should not complicate the communication during the teaching process.» The veil, completely hiding the face, «is a complicating factor in communication».

The girl from Cataracts had worn the burqa since the seventh grade, and the school administration put up with such behavior, so the girls were able to finish school. Now, according to the local Ministry of education, she has graduated from high school.

Meanwhile, the Federation of Turkish parents associations in Lower Saxony, as the newspaper adds, has supported the authorities ‘ plans to ban the burqa, as it was declared by the Chairman of the organization of Seyhan Öztürk, «prevents or does not successfully participate in the learning process».

Die Welt: In Lower Saxony has banned the burqa 04.08.2017

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