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Die Welt: ISIS is recruiting scientists for the development of weapons of mass destruction

Terrorist group «Islamic state» started their recruitment of a number of scientists – physicists, chemists and programmers whose task is, according to experts, the development of weapons of mass destruction for future mega-terrorist attacks.

About it writes on Monday, 7 December, the German newspaper Die Welt with reference to the recently published report of the European Parliament.

«ISIS gains hundreds of people from abroad, including graduates of Western universities – physicists, chemists and programmers who, according to experts, can make deadly weapons out of simple substances», quoted an analyst of the European Parliament Beatrice Immenkamp news site

In this article, translated by InoPressa website, they say that the next atrocity Islamists can become a terrorist attack using biological, nuclear and chemical weapons: homemade bombs containing hazardous substances.
«The IG has the necessary knowledge and attracts specialists to use chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances used as weapons for terrorist acts», – believes Director of the Centre for PATO to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction Wolfgang Rudischhauser.

The authors of the report claim that these substances have already been delivered secretly to the territory of the EU, and cite the example of hundreds of cases of disappearance and theft.

The greatest danger of them, according to experts, represent sarin, ricin and anthrax. The European Parliament recommends that the governments of European countries to pay close attention to people who have returned from Syria or local radicals working in the relevant fields.

Previously, the development of chemical weapons by the militants was reported by the AP journalists citing sources in the intelligence services of the USA and Iraq. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls in November of this year, warned about the danger of terrorist use of chemical and biological weapons.

Earlier, the press reported on the application is militants chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Marea and of the attack on the Kurds in Iraq, which used mustard gas. In October, similar statements were made by the General staff of the Russian Federation.

Die Welt: ISIS is recruiting scientists for the development of weapons of mass destruction 07.12.2015

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