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Die Welt: Merkel accuses Netanyahu in the distortion of her words

The German newspaper Die Welt
writes that in the office of Angela Merkel accused Netanyahu that he has distorted the words of the German Chancellor, said about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The publication States that two members of the ruling party of Germany that February 29 will participate in a joint meeting of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Knesset shall inform Benjamin Netanyahu that his behavior has caused discontent of Angela Merkel. The publication argues that Merkel believes that Netanyahu is deliberately trying to distort its position in relation to the prospects of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

Die Welt writes that after returning to Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the Chancellor has changed its stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that now she’s looking at the situation more soberly and believes that now is not the time to promote the idea of a two state solution.

In a publication in the German edition it is argued that Berlin remains true to his principles, and insists on continuation of negotiations between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

On 16 February in Berlin was held the sixth meeting of the governments of Israel and Germany led by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and Chancellor Angela Merkel. After the meeting, Merkel accompanied the Israelites at the opening of the exhibition «Yad Vashem» Museum in Berlin.

Die Welt: Merkel accuses Netanyahu in the distortion of her words 28.02.2016

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