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Die Zeit: Jihad on ecstasy

Terrorist organization «Islamic state» purposefully gaining in terrorists, criminals, writes Hassan Gekka in a report published in the German newspaper Die Zeit.

In may, during one large-scale raids against drug dealers in Berlin, in addition to the police special forces participated in the operation by the German counterintelligence, who are engaged in political crimes. At a joint press conference after the operation, it was announced that four of the nine men arrested earlier were classified as Islamists, ready to violent actions. «This case shows how blurry the boundaries. Islamism and criminality intersect with each other,» said police.

This is confirmed by the biographies of the terrorists, who in recent months organized in Europe, terrorist attacks with mass casualties on behalf of the IG, is stated below. For example, Anis Amri, committed the attack at the Christmas market in Berlin, ecstasy and cocaine, and traded them up to commit a terrorist act. The younger of the two Brussels terrorists brothers Batrawi was sentenced to five years in prison for a serious crime, and the senior fired on pursuing police with a Kalashnikov. Abdeslem Salah, participated in the Paris tepak, was previously known to police as a drug dealer, writes of Gekka.

According to the latest intelligence Department of the German Federal police (BKA), two-thirds of the 778 who went from Germany to Syria and Iraq terrorist accomplices previously had difficulties with the law, and 32% were behind six to eight crimes that are repeat offenders, reports.

Methods of recruitment of the IG show how controversial this organization and how much it differs from «al-Qaeda». «The IG has no problem to talk about religion and to engage the Salafist discussions, the article says. Model IG allows criminals to remain criminals. Dealers don’t need to dress in religious robes and from morning to night to pray. They can continue to engage in criminal activity. And for this they even promise a Paradise,» said an expert on terrorism, Peter Neumann, noting that al-Qaida all the way.

According to him, members of his team were talking with the militants in the border areas of Turkey, and they were told that «al-Qaeda» and «Jabhat EN-Nusra» do not accept them, citing the fact that they do not know their religion. «The IG is different. Especially in the country of the enemy,» they say.

Experts are not surprising arrested for selling drugs the Islamists: «These fanatics don’t consider selling drugs a problem because they harm the wrong. If the drugs they buy are Muslims, they tell themselves that these Muslims drugs will not buy».

Die Zeit: Jihad on ecstasy 20.06.2017

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