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Died a famous American comedian Jerry Lewis, the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia

Sunday, August 20, at the age of 91 years died a famous American artist of the comic genre, Director and writer Jerry Lewis.

As noted by Wikipedia, over the years career, Lewis has won many prestigious awards, including in 2005, received a special Emmy award, and in 2009 an honorary Oscar «Award named Gina Hersholt».

Jerry Lewis, born Joseph Levich, was born in Newark (new Jersey), the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia. His father, Daniel Levich, was a singer and an artist, and her mother, Rachel (nee Brody) is a pianist on the radio. Joseph began performing with musical numbers as a child and as an adult, took the pseudonym Joe Lewis, who later changed it to Jerry Lewis, in order not to create confusion with boxer Joe Louis and comedian Joe E. Lewis.

In mid-1940-ies Lewis met singer Dean Martin, which was soon organized by the Comedy Duo that brought them huge success and popularity. Initially, they were with their comic turns in the night clubs, followed by a radio show, then his own television show, and the result was a series of Comedy films for Paramount Pictures. Against the background of their great success publisher DC Comics has released a series of comics called «the adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis».

However, over the years the role of Dean Martin in duet was noticeably reduced, and in the summer of 1956 he collapsed. Despite this, Lewis and Martin were very popular in show business, continuing already solo performances.

In the late 1950s, Jerry Lewis went on to star in Paramount and released his own music album. In the 1960s, he acted as a Director, removing a number of comedies such as «the Ladies man» (1961), «the nutty Professor» (1963) and «family values» (1965). Lewis also taught directing at the University of southern California in Los Angeles, and among his students were Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

In 1972, Jerry Lewis has put on the script by Joan O’brien film «the Day the clown cried» and starred in the title role – the German clown Helmut Dorcas, who was forced to speak in front of the Jewish children in Auschwitz concentration camp before they were sent to the gas chambers. Most Lewis this work very much, and he strictly forbade the demonstration tapes to the public (it is considered the most famous in the history of a work of cinema, not released in wide release). Some critics who have seen the film, do not share the views of the author and called the film a masterpiece.

In the 1990s, the years Lewis has also appeared in several films on the big screen, including «Arizona dream» (1993) and «Jokes» (1995). In 1994, the actor made his Broadway debut in the musical «Damn Yankees,» where he played the role of the devil. His last kinorabotoy as an actor was the film «Max rose» (2010).

In total, for more than 60 years in the movie, Jerry Lewis starred in 64 films. He also directed 15 films as a Director in 14 films acted as producer, 11 – as a writer, and in one picture («the Messenger», 1961) was even a composer.

In 2006, the Minister of culture of France awarded Louis the Legion of honor, calling him the «favorite clown of the French people».

Jerry Lewis was twice married. His first wife, former singer Patti Palmer, bore him six sons. Together with his second wife, sandy Picnic, Lewis was adopted in 1992, the daughter.

Died a famous American comedian Jerry Lewis, the son of Jewish immigrants from Russia 21.08.2017

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