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Died a famous Israeli singer Amir Frisher Gutman

The medical staff of the hospital «Rambam» reported the death of a famous Israeli singer Amir Frisher (Pey) Gutman. He was 41 years old.

Saturday, July 22, the singer together with family and friends rested on the «wild» beach, near Neve Yam. According to information in the media, Gutman saw a wave covered his companion, and the 5-year-old niece, and he rushed to their aid. A few surfers were in the sea, washed the girl and the woman. Amir Gutman was discovered later. When he pulled out of the water, he was not breathing.

Almost days doctors hospital «Rambam» fought for his life. Around 15:30 they said that they stopped resuscitation, as the chances of survival of patients left.

In the beginning of last year the doctors told Gutman that he had cancer. For several months he has been receiving treatment for lymphoma. Already was the date of transplantation of bone marrow when it was revealed that the error occurred. Amir was not lymphoma, but a rare infectious disease — Kikuchi, whose symptoms are misled oncologists.

Saturday, July 22, Amir Frisher Gutman gathered on the beach with their friends and relatives to celebrate the «second birth» — the day when he became aware of the fact that he doesn’t have cancer.

Amir Frisher Gutman began his career in hotels in Eilat, where he has participated in entertainment activities for guests. Then he founded the music group «Hi Five». In this group he started his musical career.

In 2002, Frisher Gutman began playing in the musical «Mary Lou», where his partners were Yael Bar-Zohar and Michal Amdursky. Work in the popular musical brought fame to Amir. He played the lead role in the musical «A-Laak» theatre «Habima» and starred in the movie.

Amir Frisher Gutman was married to Anaem Triceram, with whom he raised 4-year-old son.

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Died a famous Israeli singer Amir Frisher Gutman 23.07.2017

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