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Died former defense Minister of Syria Mustafa Tlass, author of the antisemitic book «the Matzah of Zion»

In Paris on 86-m to year of life has died the former Minister of defense of Syria, Mustafa Tlass, who was a close associate of Hafiz Assad the father and predecessor of the current President of Syria. In mid-June, he was hospitalized with a hip fracture, but on 27 June in a coma.

General Tlass was appointed Minister of defense of Syria in 1972, after the coup, in which Hafiz al-Assad became President. He retained the post until 2004, largely ensuring the transfer of power to the current head of state.

He directed the actions of the Syrian army in the Yom Kippur War, during the intervention in Lebanon in the First Lebanon war. According to experts, loyalty, cruelty and lack their own political ambitions would have been perfect for Assad’s defense Minister.

Tlass has never concealed hatred of Israel and Jews. «I was awarded the medal of hero of Syria soldier from Aleppo that killed 28 Israeli prisoners. He does not shot and hacked to death, cut off their heads. And one cut off a piece of neck and ate before everyone else. I’m proud of,» he told MPs.

In 1983, in Syria, a book was published Tlass «Matzah of Zion», which tells about the events in Damascus in 1840. Then representatives of the local Jewish community was accused of ritual murder of a monk, which led to the Jewish pogroms.

From the point of view of Tlass, we are not talking about blood libel, but a real murder: «I wanted to tell you about the secrets of the Jews, not hate for all mankind. No wonder they were herded into the ghetto. Since 1840 every mother warned son to be careful, otherwise the Jew will put you in a sack, and from your blood will make the matzah.»

Mustafa Tlass arrived in France in 2011, after the outbreak of civil war. According to the official version, he went for treatment. Then moved to Egypt, his son, Firas, a businessman, one of the richest people in Syria.

The second son of Manaf Tlass, a childhood friend of Bashar al-Assad, in 2012, was a General in the Republican guard, but defected to the Syrian opposition. However, opponents of the regime refused to cooperate with the captain.

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Died former defense Minister of Syria Mustafa Tlass, author of the antisemitic book «the Matzah of Zion» 28.06.2017

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