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Died in USA astronaut to walk on the moon

Departed this life astronaut Edgar (ed) Mitchell, member of crew «Apollo-14» which made a third landing on the moon. He was a member of the crew together with together with Alan Shepard Jr., and Stuart Brown.

The astronaut died on 86-th year of life.

Ed Mitchell was selected in the number of astronauts in 1966. In the expedition «Apollo-14» he was the pilot of the lunar modules was the sixth person to set foot on the moon’s surface is Land. 5 and 6 February 1971 Mitchell and Alan Shepard on the moon performed scientific experiments and collected approximately 45 kg of lunar soil. In addition, they set a record length of stay on the moon for 33 hours.

In 1972 Mitchell resigned from military service and from NASA and founded the Institute for the study of abstract Sciences. The astronaut has repeatedly stated that intelligent aliens from space have visited Earth, but governments prefer not to disclose this information. According to him, after the 1940-ies have been documented many cases of UFO sightings.

In 2015 he even said that the aliens were able to prevent the Third world war during the Soviet-American confrontation.

Died in USA astronaut to walk on the moon 06.02.2016

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