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Died Israeli diplomat and intelligence officer Reuven Dinel

In the night of Saturday, February 27, it became known about the death of Israeli diplomat Reuven of Dinela. He was 59 years old.

The message of his death was posted on Facebook by a high-ranking employee of the foreign Ministry of Israel Jacob the Shower.

The cause of death was cancer.

Reuven Dinel. Summary

Reuven Dinel (Dean-El) was born in Vilnius (Lithuania, USSR) in October 1956. His father was a native of Komarno (Lvov oblast) and his mother from Odessa.

Immigrated with his parents to Israel in 1969. Together with the family after repatriation he settled in Haifa.

He graduated from the University of Haifa (faculty of political science and international relations) and the Higher military Academy of the IDF.

In 1976-1991, he served in the IDF, including in the elite division of military intelligence (AMAN). He graduated from the military service with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

In 1991 he was enrolled in the Department of foreign Affairs intelligence service «Mossad» («Tevel»).

At the end of 1992 it became the first official representative of «Mossad» in the CIS. With the consent of the Russian authorities, he served as counselor of the Embassy in Moscow. One of the main priorities was to exchange information and experience on combating Islamic fundamentalism. This allowed Dinela to establish extensive contacts with representatives of secret services and political leadership of the Muslim republics of the CIS, especially Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

In December 1995 he was detained by Russian security services and deported from Russia.

In 1996, Denel headed the intelligence Department of the liaison Office with the Russian-speaking Jewish Diaspora («Nativ»), becoming the last chief of this division (after his departure in 2000 it was closed).

In 2000 he joined the party «Israel Our home» led by Avigdor Lieberman.

2000-2002 – General Director of the Zionist forum.

In 2003-2005 he held the position of Deputy Director General ports Administration at the Ministry of transport, headed a project for the construction of a new port «Carmel» (Haifa). In 2005-2011 held the position of Deputy Director for management resources in the Management of ports.

In 2009 he was appointed Ambassador of Israel to Turkmenistan, but this appointment was not approved because of his past in «the Mossad».

In August 2011 he was appointed Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine. He held this post until 2014.

Was a black belt in judo (in mass media it was reported that his black belt, 7th Dan, karate).

Died Israeli diplomat and intelligence officer Reuven Dinel 27.02.2016

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