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Died journalist and filmmaker Victor Topaller

January 10 in new York at the age of 59 years died a famous journalist Victor Topaller, according to RTVi.

Cause of death was galloping lung cancer.

In a statement on the website of the TV channel RTVi, said, «Victor Topaller has worked at RTVI 17 years. Over the years, his broadcast was visited by more than 700 prominent, interesting people: actors, Directors, writers, musicians, and politicians. The topaller knew far beyond the United States. Each release of its programs waited in various cities and countries – everywhere where speak Russian. He was able to «uncover» any guest could laugh and joke as no one was able to live a full and colourful life».

Victor Topaller. Brief biography

Victor Topaller was born in Moscow on 13 July 1958. After leaving school he entered the acting Department of the Shchukin school, after the first year joined the faculty of theatre directing at the GITIS, graduating in 1981.

A degree worked in the Mosconcert, Rosconcert, put variety shows, drama and musical performances, held festivals in Moscow, in Leningrad, in Riga, in the far East. For many years he collaborated with Valery Levushkin and ensemble «BIM-BOM». Appeared in films in small roles.

In 1989, together with Anatoliy Trushkina wrote the script and put the variety show «Bird market» Leah Akhedzhakova in the title role, which became his last work in the USSR.

In 1990 the family moved to Israel, where he worked as a Director at drama school and wrote articles in the newspaper «Satellite», «news of the week», «globe», «Time».

From 1993 to 1995, went under contract in Belgium. Directed several productions in show business.

In 1995 he returned to Israel where he became the leading Russian-language programs on National Israeli television: the public-political program «the View» and talk show «vis-a-Vis with Victor Topaller», the participants of which are the outstanding representatives of culture and politics.

After returning to Israel, Victor Topaller continued to work as a journalist in various local publications in the newspaper «24 hours», then in the newspaper «Our country». Created the newspaper «Russian Israeli», which led several category and was Deputy editor-in-chief. As a Director Topaller put in «Heichal ha-Tarbut» concert-theatre performance «Continue to go nowhere», dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Russian aliyah in 1990, and then – international humor festival in the Palace of sports «Yad Eliyahu». Published adventure detective novel «Russian bullet for Yitzhak Rabin».

In 2000 was invited to work in the United States on Russian-language TV channel TVR and got a residence permit. Subsequently, the Topaller became a member of the Russian-language channel RTVi.

Had dual citizenship – Israel and the United States.

While working on television, collaborated with the Russian radio stations of America: first with the «folk wave», then with radio «New Life» («All»). In the newspaper «Jewish world» Topaller led its category «Ricochet» and wrote articles for Russian-language newspaper «Our Canada». Publishing house «the Word» published «Complete Shalom», which includes articles, essays, stories about the experiences of the author about life in Israel.

In 2008 in new York city in the theater «Haverim» made the play of the Israeli writer Ephraim Kishon «Ketubah» («the Marriage contract»).

From 2008 to may 8, 2017 on the channel RTVi out weekly half-hour author program Victor Topaller «American educational program», conceived as a series of programs about various aspects of cultural, political, economic, and scientific life of the United States and their history. Earlier, on the same channel of the broadcast program Topaller «Point of view» and «Crossroads.»

Also on RTVi c 2000 to may 15, 2017 Victor Topaller led a popular author’s program «In new York with Victor Topaller», where for 17 years he visited more than 700 musicians, writers, actors, Directors, politicians.

In may 2017, Topaller announced the release of the last transfer with him on the TV channel RTVi.

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Died journalist and filmmaker Victor Topaller 11.01.2018

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