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Died last participant of the uprising at Treblinka

Shmuel (Samuel) Willenberg, the latest member of the uprising of the prisoners of the death camp Treblinka in 1943 and participant of the Warsaw uprising of 1944, passed away February 19. He was 93 years old.

Willenberg was born in Poland in 1924. His mother was Judaism Polack, father — Jew. In 1942, the Nazis sent him to Treblinka with other Jews, writes ofer Aderet in ha’aretz.

In 1943 the prisoners of the death camps rebelled, set fire to Treblinka and tried to break free. Many were killed, but approximately 200 people were able to escape, including Willenberg. By the end of the war lived 70 of them.

After escaping Willenberg reached Warsaw and joined the Polish underground. Participated in the uprising of 1944, suppressed by the Nazis. His parents managed to survive the Holocaust, as concealed Jewish origin of his father.

After the war, Willenberg served in the Polish army and rose to the rank of captain. In 1950 immigrated to Israel, worked in the Ministry of construction.

In 1986 he published a book dedicated to the uprising in Treblinka. «We set fire to hell,» said Willenberg about those events. In 2014 he was made a documentary film about him.

Died last participant of the uprising at Treblinka 20.02.2016

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