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Died legendary Jeanne Moreau – the symbol of the «new wave» of French cinema

Monday, July 31, the media reported the death of a legend of French cinema 89-year-old Jeanne Moreau. The body of the actress was found in her home, located in the Eighth arrondissement of Paris. This sad news was confirmed by the mayor and County agent Moreau, the newspaper Le Parisien.

— Actress Jeanne Moreau, movie star of the 60’s: 1928-2017. Photo gallery

Moreau, a symbol of intellectual beauty and the Muse of Directors of the «new wave», named Orson Welles best actress of our time, received during his long life many awards: prize of the Cannes film festival (1960, for the film of Peter brook’s «Seven days, seven nights»), Golden lion of the Venice film festival for his contribution to the development of cinema (1991) and a similar award from the European Academy of cinema (1997), honorary «Golden palm» in Cannes (2003), «the Golden bear» the Berlin film festival (2005) and the Stanislavsky prize at the XXVII Moscow international film festival(2005). Twice, in 1975 and 1995, she chaired the jury of the Cannes film festival.

Jeanne Moreau was born on 23 January 1928 in Paris, the son of the Manager of the brewery Anatole-désiré Moreau, and dancer Katherine Moreau. Jeanne’s father was a Frenchman and her mother an Englishwoman of Lancashire. 16 years old girl, and not too diligent in study, saw the play by Jean Anouilh «Antigone», and this determined her fate: Jeanne entered the Paris national Conservatory of music and dance.

In 1947 she debuted as an actress at the Avignon theatre festival, and after a few months was accepted into the troupe of the comédie française, becoming the youngest actress of the legendary theatre for all its three hundred year history.

Despite her young age, Moreau very soon raised himself to the diva. She played in almost all productions, and her debut performance was the play by Ivan Turgenev «Month in village».

But the traditions and stiffness of the repertory theatre of the oppressed a young actress, and four years later, Jeanne decides to leave the comédie française for the sake of the movie where she played several roles in low-budget thrillers. Directors of the time were not happy with her appearance and was not intended for her brilliant film career.

From 1953 to 1957 she starred in several films, among which we should highlight the painting «the Bedroom of a high school» (1953), «Juliette» (1953), «honor among thieves»(1954)», etc.

Fortune turned to face her in 1957: from Moreau began an affair with Director Louis Malle, who directed her in later cult films «Elevator to the gallows» and «the Lovers» is a controversial and at the time very candid drama, after the shooting, which media dubbed Joan the «new Brigitte Bardot». For her role in this film actress was awarded the prize of the Venice film festival — the first of her awards.

After the success in Venice Moreau becomes one of the most popular Actresses of the sixties and removed from the greatest Directors in the history of cinema: Michelangelo Antonioni, Luis Bunuel and Francois Truffaut, whose film «Jules and Jim» was the best acting job of Moro – in her own opinion and estimates of experts.

From 1960 to 1966 she starred in such iconic films as «7 days. 7 nights (Moderato Cantabile)»(1960, dir. Peter Brooke), Night(1961, Michelangelo Antonioni), «Jules and Jim»(1962, Francois Truffaut), «Process»(1962, Orson Welles), «Fading light»(1963, Louis Malle), the Victors(1963, Carl foreman), «diary of a chambermaid»(1964, Luis buñuel), «Mata Hari, agent X21″(1964, Jean-Louis Richard), «Viva Maria!»(1965, Louis Malle), «Midnight bells»(1965, Orson Welles) and Mademoiselle(1966, Tony Richardson).

In the following years she starred in Bertrand Blier in «going places» (1974), Rainer Werner Fassbinder in «Kerel», Luc Besson’s «Nikita» (1990), WIM Wenders in «When doomsday comes» (1991), Rustam Hamdamova «Anna Karamazoff», Antonioni in «Beyond the clouds» (1995), Francois Ozon in the movie «Time of farewell» (2005). His last significant role Moreau played in the drama by Portuguese Director Manuel de Oliveira «, Gebo and shadow»(2012).

Died legendary Jeanne Moreau – the symbol of the «new wave» of French cinema 31.07.2017

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