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Died Marcus Klingberg – Israeli scientist and Soviet spy

Monday, November 30, at the age of 97 in France died Marcus Klingberg – Israeli scientist, was convicted in the 80 years for espionage for the Soviet Union.

Marcus Klingberg. Brief biography

Abraham Marcus Klingberg was born in 1918 in Warsaw in a religious Jewish family. Already in his youth became interested in science, but his studies at the medical faculty of the University of Warsaw was interrupted by the war. Klingberg fled to the USSR, he continued his studies in Minsk and began working as an epidemiologist. In 1941 he joined the red army and most of the war took place in the medical parts. Towards the end of the war he was sent to Moscow for training. On one of versions, already in this period he came into contact with Soviet intelligence agencies.

After the war, Klingberg returned to Poland and learned that his entire family perished in Treblinka. In 1949 Klingberg, after a short stay in Sweden, came to Israel with his wife Wanda, a specialist in Microbiology.

In Israel Marcus and Wanda joined the ranks of the IDF, and Marcus, who had military experience, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and then went to work in the Institute of biology in ness Ziona, where he carried out development of means of protection against chemical and biological weapons.

According to the official version, Klingberg was recruited after he addressed the Soviet authorities with a request to grant him a certificate of graduate medical education, but, apparently, in his book he will publish the real story of his recruitment.

During the «cold war» the USSR had cooperated with the Arab States. The Israeli authorities decided that information about the vaccines got into the disposal of Arab intelligence services that has deprived the country the opportunity to defend itself effectively.

In 2008, Israeli military censorship, at the request of the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot», was allowed to publish a new classified information about the capture of Marcus Klingberg, more than 30 years were kept in deep secret. According to the information then, in 1972, the KGB managed to infiltrate into Israeli elite of the spy who became a double agent and led, ultimately, to the capture of the employee’s biological Institute in ness Ziona Marcus Klingberg. Then in Israel, were sent by three people. The first is Shabtai Kalmanovich, a long time who took the Shin bet’s nose and arrested only in 1988. Two agent, later received the code names «Jupiter» and «Shomron» («Samaritan»), were summoned for questioning by the Shin bet shortly after the repatriation, like all who came in those years of the USSR. Their data caused suspicion of investigators, and former lead investigator of the Shin bet Yossi Ginnosar managed to crack them. Both were asked to become double agents. Very soon the «Samaritan» became a leading KGB agent in Israel, supplying to the Soviet Union a huge amount of information, processed by experts of ISA. In 1977, when Klingberg cut off communication with their mentors, the KGB decided to go to the «Samaritan» that he tried to contact him. «Samaritan» has left in the mailbox of the house of Klingberg a card with cipher, asking about the meeting. This meeting is documented by the staff of the Israel security Agency, and became the reason for the arrest of Klingberg. The name and any other information relating to the «Samaritan» is still prohibited for publication, but, according to one of those who worked with him, this man owed his career to the Shabak, and if not for his work as a double agent, he wouldn’t have achieved a tenth of what he has.

Israeli security services suspected that Klingberg spy, but he was arrested in 1983. At a closed trial Klingberg was sentenced to 20 years in prison for treason and espionage, but until 1991 the fact of his arrest was kept in secret. Family Klingberg was silent.

After his release from prison in 1998-m to year (for health reasons) Klingberg was placed under house arrest. At the end of the sentence went to Paris to see his daughter.

He lived in Paris in one of the 35-meter apartment, on the left Bank of the Seine. On the day of his visiting daughter, once a week he saw his grandchildren. Klingberg received from Israel, a pension of up to 2,000 Euro as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army of defence of Israel, but complained that it is barely enough for paying apartment rent, food, medical insurance, medication and frequent hospitalization.

Wife of Marcus Klingberg, Wanda, died in 1990. In recent years, Marcus said that he is not afraid of death and considers himself an Israeli.

Died Marcus Klingberg – Israeli scientist and Soviet spy 01.12.2015

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