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Died writer, a veteran of the «Palmach» Haim Guri

On the morning of Wednesday, January 31, it became known about the death of writer, journalist and filmmaker, a veteran of the «Palmach», the laureate of Israel, Chaim Guri. He was 94.

Chaim Guri. Short biography

(according to Wikipedia)

Haim Guri (surname at birth Gurfinkel) was born 9 Oct 1923 in tel Aviv in the family policy of Israel Guri and his wife Gili. His parents came to Palestine from Odessa on the ship «Ruslan», were among the first immigrants of the Third aliyah. Received education in the Educational center for workers ‘ children in tel Aviv and in children’s organization of the kibbutz Beit alpha. In 1939-1941 he studied in the Agricultural school Kaduri, located at the foot of mount Tabor in the Lower Galilee; was a classmate of Yitzhak Rabin.

In 1941 Guri joined «the Palms». In 1947 by the «Palmach» worked in displaced persons Camps in Hungary and Austria with the surviving members of the Zionist youth movements. Together they worked to prepare the survived the Holocaust to repatriate to Palestine. Then in Czechoslovakia was the commander of the course of the paratroopers of the Israel defense forces as part of the Czechoslovak army within the framework of military aid to Israel.

During the War for independence, in 1948, was the assistant to Abraham Adana (Branagh) – the company commander as part of the seventh battalion of the brigade «Negev» on the southern front. The company consisted mostly of people who survived the Holocaust and arrived in Israel after the Second world war. The members of this company participated in operation «Yoav», «Horev» and in the last operation of the War for independence – «Uvda».

In the six day war, in 1967, he participated in the battles for Jerusalem in the post of company commander.

During the Yom Kippur war, in 1973, was a combat officer education in the armored division in the Sinai.

In the years 1950-1952, Gur studied Hebrew literature, philosophy and French culture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1953, he studied at the Sorbonne. Since 1954, led the column in the newspaper «La Merhav» and then in the newspaper «Davar», along with the literary work. His articles were regularly published in ha’aretz and other Israeli Newspapers.

1949 Chaim Guri lived in Jerusalem. In 1952 he married Eliza who was his girlfriend since the «Palmach». They have three grown daughters and six grandchildren.

Guri has published more than 12 books of poetry, 10 novels, collections of stories and essays, as well as translations from French poetry, prose and drama. He was an honorary doctor of the University named after Ben-Gurion and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an honorary citizen of tel Aviv and an honorary citizen of Jerusalem.

In 2005, Guri donated his archive to the National and University library of Israel.

Died writer, a veteran of the «Palmach» Haim Guri 31.01.2018

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