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Died writer and philosopher Umberto Eco

On Friday, February 19, in Milan at the 85 th year of life died an Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco, the Agency France Presse.

IVF was not only an internationally known writer, he was also a scholar of mass culture, a member of the world’s leading academies, the winner of the biggest awards in the world, a knight of the Grand cross and the Legion of Honor, the founder and head of the scientific and art magazines, collector of ancient books, reminds RIA Novosti.

Five years ago, Umberto Eco was an honorary guest of the Jerusalem book fair, where he presented his book «the Prague cemetery». This novel explores the history of French anti-Semitism in a wider context from the French revolution to the Dreyfus case, and in the center of its plot – the Protocol of the elders of Zion. Then Professor Eco reported that he was able to prove that the famous anti-Semitic pamphlet was also inspired by the «Joseph Balsamo,» by Alexander Dumas and «the mysteries of Paris» by Eugene sue. Then Eco said the following about the calls for cultural boycott of Israel: «This is crazy – you can’t blame ordinary people for the actions of politicians, and especially to punish them for it.»

Speaking at a press conference in Jerusalem, the Eco said that the writers are disingenuous, stating that they write for themselves: «only write the shopping list. Even in order for the Laundry there are readers – laundresses. The writer needs an audience, but he creates his ideal reader, who writes. Honestly, if I were told that tomorrow the world would disappear, I would cease to write.»

The author then admitted that for him the book as a child. After her birth two years have to worry about it, wait until it starts to run and then, and only then think about expanding the family. He told that likes to highlight your favorite child: «But, since you asked, I would have called «Foucault’s Pendulum»».

His first novel, «the name of the Rose», Eco was called the most hated. Perhaps this was affected by the fact that in the eyes of the readers first of all, the author of this particular work may have played a role, and a Hollywood film adaptation.

In total, Umberto Eco has written seven novels: «the name of the rose» (1980), «Foucault’s Pendulum» (1988), «the Island of the day before» (1994), «Baudolino» (2000), «the Mysterious flame of Queen Loana» (2004), «the Prague cemetery» (2010) and «the number Zero» (2015).

Umberto Eco was born in Alessandria (a small town in Piedmont, near Turin), 5 January 1932, writes Wikipedia. His father, Giulio Eco, was a bookkeeper, and later was a participant in three wars. During world war II Umberto and his mother Giovanna moved to a small village in the mountains of Piedmont. Eco’s grandfather was a foundling, adopted in the Italian practice, he was given the name-an acronym of Ex Caelis Oblatus (Eco), the «heaven-given».

Giulio Eco, was one of thirteen children in the family and wanted his son graduated, but Umberto entered the University of Turin to study medieval philosophy and literature, and in 1954 he successfully graduated. During training, Umberto became an atheist and left the Catholic Church.

Umberto Eco was working in TV, columnist of the largest newspaper L’espresso, lecturer of aesthetics and theory of culture at the universities of Milan, Florence and Turin. Was Professor at Bologna University, honorary doctor of many foreign universities, a Chevalier officer of the Legion of honour (2003).

Died writer and philosopher Umberto Eco 20.02.2016

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