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Dina from Cairo will develop security strategy of the United States. Review of Arab media

The newspaper «al-Hayat al-Jadida» writes that Dr. Ezzadin Abu al-Aish rejected the results of the Israeli examination conducted after the death of his daughters during operation Cast lead. According to him, Israel is trying to evade responsibility, blaming Hamas. The doctor said that his goal is to ensure that justice is done.

Agency Maan reports that Palestinian passport 98 is recognized as the strongest in the world, and in the middle East region ranks only 15th place. Most «strong», that is, allowing visa-free entry to the maximum number of States that became the passport of Germany. Followed by other EU countries. In the Arab world leader is the United Arab Emirates.

According to the website Palestine-info belonging to the group Hamas, three of the Palestinian child at the age from one day to one month died in the refugee camp of Yarmouk due to the fact that blocking his Syrian army were not allowed to take them to the hospital. Already 1.361 day camp blocked the military and the militants of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» says the native of Cairo, Dina Powell will be appointed to the post of Deputy adviser of U.S. President for national security. She has to deal with strategic issues, as well as coordination between diplomats, military and intelligence community. Previously, Dean was Deputy Secretary of state. She is fluent in Arabic.

Published in the London newspaper «al-Rai al-yum» quotes the message of the Ministry of energy of Egypt, according to which Saudi Arabia resumes oil supplies to this country. They were discontinued due to failure to pass the island in the Strait of Tirana and the emerging rapprochement between Cairo and Tehran. According to the newspaper, the reason for reviewing the decision of the US pressure on Saudi Arabia.

Dina from Cairo will develop security strategy of the United States. Review of Arab media 16.03.2017

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