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Director IT-Department «Magen David Adom»: «Our goal is to beat the time»

About ten months ago, the ambulance service «Magen David Adom» (MADA) has released a smartphone app called «My MDA». With this free application, any resident of Israel may be a single touch, the system will give the dispatcher coordinates of the victim. In addition, this app gives you the ability to send to the center MADA photos and videos.

The program was developed by the division of information technology, MADA, which is located in the centre of the National ambulance service «Magen David Adom» in Kiryat Ono.

According to the Director, information technology division, MADA IDO Rosenblat, the app «My MDA» is unique. It is available in six languages (Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, Russian, Amharic), and the call is transferred to the attendant, speaking in the language of the user. In that case, if this convenience is absent, the system has integrated an automatic translator.

If desired, you can add data about the medical history of the user. They are stored on the server and will not be available in case your phone is stolen.

It can also be noted that the user is hard of hearing, deaf or dumb person, and then communication with the duty Manager will be conducted by correspondence.

According to Rosenblatt, the app «My MDA» is constantly updated and improved based on the personal experience of the paramedics.

«All employees in headquarters are health workers. Moreover, we regularly work on «fast» to save the qualification. For example, I recently participated in the evacuation by helicopter of a man whose car overturned on the South of the country. The victim received a head injury. In addition, in the place where the accident occurred, there was no Internet. And in the app, thanks to this guy, there is a new possibility – in the absence of the Internet, but the availability of cellular communication, when calling 101, the phone automatically sends SMS with the coordinates of the caller. The guy, by the way, saved,» says IDO.

Because «My MDA», like all other software MADA, is developed by staff working in the headquarters of the «Magen David Adom» in Kiryat Ono, all updates are implemented and tested to work instantly.

Another useful feature provided by this app to summon an ambulance for a loved one. And this, of course, also based on personal experience. «My grandmother, God rest her soul, says IDO, – was seriously ill. And she was a Filipino nurse. And when my grandmother needed an ambulance, while it was needed, it often, the nurse didn’t call 101 and me. And I, in turn, called 101».

According to the head of the IT Department, the system MADA, in recent years, which significantly reduced the response time to calls and the time of arrival of first aid to the victim, unique.

If before the call the 101 was able to answer in 40 seconds, now the maximum response time is 4 seconds.

It should be noted that calls to 101 and «My MDA» answer not just a phone managers, and health workers who can call the caller «ambulance», and to instruct you on medical issues. Together with «operators» in each call center, «Magen David Adom», and nine of such centres, staffed by a paramedic and a doctor. On the screen of each machine paramedic ambulance can transmit all the patient records, e.g., ECG.

IDO stresses that «Magen David Adom» – a national organization that has centralized management and a unified system. All the organization’s resources – both human and administrative, – belong to the national management of MADA and not counties (such counties, 11). This ensures smooth operation of all systems of service.

In «Magen David Adom» also computerized the process of allocation of patients to hospitals.

«This is very important. Two months ago our car came to Givat-Yoav, under Tiberias. 90-year-old man with a suspected stroke. Our staff open the app and check where the freely equipment you need is the right specialist. The program shows that in Haifa. They call the helicopter from «Porii». After half an hour the patient is in the «Rambam», and is discharged from there without any brain damage. And no matter how old he is,» says Rosenblat.

Another «revolution» in MADA occurred in January 2016, when with the help of volunteers service «Magen David Adom» has significantly reduced the time required to perform the procedure, the patient artificial respiration. In 80% of cases the procedure is done the patient within three minutes of the call. This became possible due to the fact that MADA called on all the doctors, nurses, former military paramedics and other medical professionals download the app called «Cutim» («team»), which allows you to call someone in case if there’s someone you need to hold artificial ventilatio lungs. That is, if you are a doctor or nurse, and your neighbor in the stairwell became ill and he called an ambulance, you’ll call for to start doing the patient artificial respiration until the ambulance coming. This so-called Life Guardians.

In addition, there are First Responders. It’s the volunteers MADA (about 7 thousand people), who were trained in first aid and who themselves always have the necessary equipment. They choose when and in what cases they can «lift» (this is also done via a special application).

«Everything we do, we do to the patient as soon as possible came need doctors and as quickly as possible took the patient to the right hospital,» explains IDO.

Usually caused «ambulance» to the person sending the nearest car or motorcycle. Just before the «Magen David Adom» about 1000 «ambulance» (white car) and the ambulance for the resuscitation procedures (yellow cars) and about 500 motorcycles. Motorcycles «ambulance» can also be «ordinary» and intensive care. Send those who are free and who is closest to the scene, and then «guided by the situation,» explains IDO.

According to Rosenblatt, the whole system work, «Magen David Adom» was revised after the Second Lebanon war, when it became clear that the ambulance service is poorly designed for emergencies.

Just in MADA there are around 30 thousand volunteers. According to Rosenblatt, the vast majority of employees «Magen David Adom» began with what came in the service of volunteers, often in adolescence.

«It’s like a virus. Once you save a man’s life, and you’re never without this I can not» – said the paramedics.

The material is prepared by Alla Gavrilova

Director IT-Department «Magen David Adom»: «Our goal is to beat the time» 11.08.2017

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