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Disability benefits will be increased. To whom and how much is necessary today

In the night of Friday, September 29, the negotiating team representing the interests of people with disabilities has reached an agreement with the government about increase in disability benefits.

In accordance with the signed agreement, the benefits to persons whose disability does not allow them to work, which today is 2342 shekels per month, will increase to 4 thousand shekels a month.

The increase in benefits will be implemented in four phases up to January 2021.

The implementation of the agreement will cost the state Treasury approximately 4.2 billion NIS.

About the protests of disabled people, covering the highways in Israel in recent months, the editorial reported regularly. If in may-July, there were only a few of such shares, in the last month the disabled blocked the route almost daily and often several times a day.

The protesters demand to equate disability allowance to the minimum wage (today it is 5,000 NIS), emphasizing that the money paid to them by the state, it is impossible to exist. The struggle of disabled people for their rights especially to actively support the party and MERETZ «Yesh Atid» block «Zionist camp» as well as the Federation of trade unions (the Histadrut), threatening to declare a General strike if the government does not satisfy their demands. Disastrous situation of the Israeli people with disabilities, elicits the sympathy of many representatives of the opposition and the ruling coalition.

Public organization «Naha ze lo hace benadam» («Disability is not half a person») filed a lawsuit in the superior court of justice (high court). And representatives of the state assured the court that the problem will be solved. In early September, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that after the holidays, he together with the Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlana will introduce a bill that will significantly improve the situation of persons with disabilities.

We offer to your attention a detailed description of financial aid from the government the Israeli people today.

Benefit people with disabilities in Israel. As of September 2017

According to the Institute of national insurance («bituah Leumi»), the benefit for total disability is paid to those who as a result of their disability lost at least 50% disability. The beneficiary must be a resident of Israel aged 18 years up to the age of retirement. After retirement a disability allowance is replaced by the old-age allowance for the disabled.

Disabled, which was defined by the degree of disability of 75% or higher, is eligible to receive monthly disability benefits in full. The full amount of the allowance per person is currently 2342 shekels. The activists of the disability rights movement seeking greater benefits for this group of people with disabilities.

They require to balance the allowance with the minimum wage, which is currently 5,000 shekels a month, and bind it to her. Activists propose to gradually increase the disability allowance to the minimum wage within three years.

Over the period 2000 to 2017, the benefit for total disability increased by 5% and the minimum wage by 23%.

According to the national insurance Institute, in 2015 approximately 231 thousand residents of Israel received benefits for total disability in full size. This group of people is 4.7% of the population aged from 18 years up to the age of retirement.

According to the criteria «bituah Leumi», the beneficiary should not work at all, or if he is working, his income from working must be less than 60% of the average wage in the country, that is to be below 5804 shekels. According to the national insurance Institute, only 22% of people receiving disability benefits are working.

Disabled persons with degree of disability 75% and above, which are not permanently in a special school and have a medical disability degree of at least 50%, is paid an additional monthly allowance in the amount of from 252 to 451 of the shekel in accordance with the established degree of medical disability.

Thus, the maximum amount of benefits for total disability for one person is currently 2793 shekels per month.

The disabled with dependents are entitled to allowances to the allowance. In case of his dependent is the spouse (spouse) whose income does not exceed 57% of the average wage, a disabled person pay a Supplement equal to 50% of the disability benefits. Thus, the maximum allowance is 3964 shekels.

Disabled people with children receive an allowance only for the first two children. Allowance for each child is 40% of the disability benefits. Thus, the total amount of benefits for the disabled, with dependent wife and two children, is 5838 shekels.

Disabled, receiving benefits, based upon the various benefits: exemption from payments to the national insurance Institute, the exemption from income tax and tax on the purchase of real estate, they have discounts on Council tax and water, public transport and the sickness funds.

According for 2015, 24% disabled, receiving benefits, and had also received other payments: allowances travel and allowance for special services. Benefit for movement for people who do not have a car is 2364 shekels per month. For vehicle owners, the amount of benefits is determined in accordance with the characteristics of the vehicle.

Allowance for special services in 2017 ranges from 1401 to 5045 shekels. It is available to people to pay for the services of the nurse.

There are groups of disabled people for whom the benefit is calculated separately. So, victims of polio, which includes a percentage of disability or mobility limitation of 100%, monthly paid full allowance 4837 shekels.

According to the «Leumi», the average benefit of people with a common disability, is 2862 shekels. For comparison, the benefits of people who have received permanent disability as a result of industrial injuries is an average of 3482 3726 to shekels. The disabled IDF get from 4898 to 9267 shekels a month.

The material was prepared by Elena Zissou. Based on official documents provided by the «Leumi».

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Disability benefits will be increased. To whom and how much is necessary today 29.09.2017

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