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«Doctor in mobile phone». Chief doctor of the clinic Call4Life about medicine without bureaucracy

About two years ago in Israel, a new clinic was created Call4Life («Calpoly»), which provides innovative healthcare services E-health to all who need it, without adjusting for country of residence, citizenship or language spoken by the patient. Medical platform Call4Life became one of the first projects in the world, belonging to the field of E-health, which provides direct video consultations with your doctor at any time, quick access to patient records, obtaining a prescription by e-mail and more. How Call4Life, we talked with the chief doctor of the clinic Andrew Kukui, a leading specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of complex cases in internal diseases and rare diseases.

What is E-health «e-health» of the XXI century?

In fact, it is medicine, using modern high technology, literally coming home to each patient who has at hand a computer, tablet or smartphone. In other words, this medicine without bureaucracy: no waiting in queues, because the patient receives access to a doctor at any time, and without the paperwork, as the medical history of each patient is in electronic form. By the way, last year, Forbes magazine reported that by 2020, the number of medical consultations in the United States will reach 80 million, and The Wall Street Journal wrote that E-health is already one of the leading directions of development of medicine. Medical company providing remote services that exist today, not only in USA but also in Europe. However, our clinic Call4Life is unique because we provide our patients direct contact with your personal physician. For this purpose, we have developed a specific IT platform (not Skype, no WhatsApp, not Viber) linking patients and physicians online around the world. This technology allows you to make audio and video calls, record all conversations with the specialist, all consulting, to create and store the medical history of each patient in the electronic medical record and serving thousands of patients worldwide. All information is one hundred percent protected.

How is the appointment and the consultation?

All what the patient needs in order to get advice, to connect to the platform from your phone or computer. The procedure of appointment is very simple, here are quite a single button. By pressing it, the client gets to redconsultancy: he interrogates the patient and writes it to the doctor at any convenient time. At the right time in your app or computer screen appears, you see the doctor, very clear, good resolution, and starts the usual method. Our doctors do not limit the reception time of ten minutes. They are very detailed talk with the patient. Communicating through video allows the physician to make a correct assessment of the patient and to assess his clinical status. At the end of the reception, the doctor gives the conclusion and recommendations that come via e-mail.

In cases when we are not talking about a simple cold or viral illness, and the patient it is important to show the doctor the results of studies, analyses, for example, an EKG – how is it done?

The patient only need to take a picture of the phone and the paper with the research results and put them on the platform Call4Life. If the patient has medical information on digital media (e.g., disks), then he can attach them to your electronic medical record. By the way, one of the tasks of doctors Call4Life is to provide patients with expert opinion about the treatment that they are, or put them about the diagnosis. Many of us neblogas one doctor, faced with the inability to simultaneously refer to another to get an expert opinion. To hold such a consultation can help doctors Call4Life often the expert view of the problem allows to adjust treatment and sometimes to identify a medical error.

What language do the doctors say Call4Life?

Initially our project was conceived as a resource that enables the patient to speak with their doctor in their native language – due to this project is available for Russian-speaking Israelis and their families living abroad. All of our doctors speak Russian, Hebrew or English. In addition, currently all our platform works in three languages – Russian, English and Hebrew. Soon to be added Arabic and Chinese. We strive to ensure that every patient talked to the doctor in your native language, because only in this case, the doctor will be able to collect the most accurate history. We even have doctors who can speak in Hindi and Greek. It is no secret that the patient is not too fluent in a foreign language, nervous, and even in the doctor’s office often finds the right words to talk about their symptoms or diagnoses to him in the past. In our clinic, such situations do not arise. Moreover, the patient during the remote reception is at home, in a comfortable atmosphere.

Andrew, you said that one of the areas the project was developed specially for the relatives of Russian-speaking Israelis remaining abroad. Does this mean that people living in the countries of the former Soviet Union can be treated by Israeli doctors and Israeli to take medication?

Yes, we have a subscription to «family Care», is designed for residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Anyone who has loved ones living in the former Soviet Union knows that the situation with health care leaves much to be desired. The main trouble is the gap from the modern methods of treatment, counterfeit drugs and new reforms in health care that reduce the availability of medical services. With regard to counterfeit drugs, we all know about the scandals caused by the appearance on the markets of the CIS countries a large number of drugs, the active substance which is several times lower than stated on the package. Especially a lot of these «drugs» among expensive drugs. These pills can long be treated, and not to any effect. In addition, prices for medical services – expert advice, research, operations – in recent years has increased markedly, and quality assurance no. There are many private medical institutions, sometimes even hiding behind the guise of «Israeli medicine.» I want to help the family, to arrange a consultation Israeli doctor, send tablet, but how? Here comes to the rescue and Call4Life. Taking advantage of a subscription to «family Care» you’re entrusting the care of your loved ones ‘ health in the hands of Israeli doctors who combine work in our hospital «tel Hashomer», «Ichilov», «adass» or «Assuta». The Israeli doctor will conduct its foreign patient, aiming at analysis and research, identifying a treatment program, answering all questions.

The doctor writes out Call4Life patients living abroad, the Israeli preparations?

The doctor makes the appointment, explaining to the patient that the right medicine he can buy in Israel and at home, according to what substance in this preparation is active and how the drug is called in Russia. But to cure, it is necessary that he, in addition to quality of advice received and quality drugs. If a patient wants to take Israeli medicine, we will arrange to send them, more often, EMS. However, once we had a case where we sent a drug courier – but it was a difficult preoperative situation, when the patient urgently needed a certain drug. If the patient has relatives or friends in Israel – they will be able to help him with the purchase issued by us drugs.

Who pays for medications purchased in Israel?

The cost of the medication, as the cost of sending is not included in the cost of the subscription. This is an additional cost to the owner, but he pays just as long as it takes with a post office and pharmacy, we don’t earn anything.

What to do if your patient in Russia or Ukraine need to be hospitalized?

There are situations when an urgent need to call an ambulance and rush to the hospital. But our doctors always accompany their patients who are in hospitals. Not all local doctors like their treatment «interferes» specialist from abroad, however, as experience shows, if the patient says that he has a private doctor in Israel who wants to consult with the attending physician of the hospital, it only increases the «credibility» of the patient and attracts additional medical attention. But our main goal is to make the patient received quality care, and prevent medical errors.

The Israelis, going on a vacation or business trip, usually out insurance. However, if the «insured event» occurs abroad, it is always a stressful situation for the patient: you have to explain with a strange doctor to see how serious you were sick, who and how, and most importantly, how long will you be treated. Can Call4Life to help in such situations?

Our patient, who became ill in Chile, USA, India, Russia or any other country, may at any time submit to the local doctor full access to their detailed medical history and electronic medical records. In addition, the patient can contact his doctor in Israel, he explained to him what was happening and how the events seriously. This will help make the decision – whether to fly home urgently or to be treated in the country where you are. Young Israelis traveling after the army in a long journey, generally do not understand when exactly you can and need to use health insurance. If the mobile phone they will have a button Call4Life parents will be much safer, because in any strange situation, their child will be able to easily and quickly connect with his Israeli doctor, who will explain to him the severity of certain symptoms. However, it is not only about foreign countries. The situation in which we urgently need to contact a doctor can occur at any time – for example when you are in the North, in the «Zimmer”, or sit at home with a small child and are not able to go to the clinic. Such examples are many and they all will confirm the fact that Call4Life is primarily a global system.

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«Doctor in mobile phone». Chief doctor of the clinic Call4Life about medicine without bureaucracy 28.08.2017

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