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Donald trump has postponed the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

Donald trump has used its veto, allowing him to complete the transfer of the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. About one of the first reported the website of the NYTimes.

During his election campaign, Donald trump promised to make that up to him for 22 years not decided to make its predecessors on a post of the President to move the Embassy to Jerusalem, thus giving the city the official status of the capital. In Israel till the last moment hoping that trump at the first opportunity to keep his word. Thursday, June 1, the website of Maariv wrote that on Monday, may 29, Benjamin Netanyahu made a last attempt to influence the decision of Donald trump, calling the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

The NYTimes writes that the position of Donald trump changed after a visit to Washington by Jordan’s king Abdullah II, who, apparently, told the US President that his decision could have negative implications for the Middle East and frustrate his efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

That Washington has refrained from drastic steps, which can be incorrectly interpreted by the Arab world, witnessed a diplomatic row that erupted after during the preparation of the visit of the trump employees of the American Consulate asked the representatives of Israel to accompany them to the Old city of Jerusalem. The Americans said that they do not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Temple mount, including the area near the wailing Wall. During a visit to Israel, Donald trump also asked Israeli officials not to accompany him in Old city, stating that he wants to come to the wailing Wall as a private person.

«The law on Jerusalem» was approved by Congress in 1995. It States that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the United and undivided capital of Israel. In accordance with the law, the American Embassy should move to Jerusalem no later than may 1999. However, the law also provides for the retention by the President the right of veto on the implementation of the law, which benefited bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama.

The corresponding decree is signed every six months.

The white house issued a statement which said that Donald trump has postponed the transfer of the Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem in order to give a chance to the conclusion of a peace Treaty between Israelis and Palestinians. The statement also stresses that there is no doubt that the Embassy will be moved, the only question is when it will be done.

«The finding of the Embassy outside the capital, postpones the world and fuels the illusion of the Palestinians, that the Jewish people and its state have no relation to Jerusalem,» — said in a statement released by the office of the Prime Minister of Israel. «But despite the disappointment, Israel appreciates the words of support from the U.S. President and his commitment to move the Embassy in the future,» the statement said.

The head of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the decision of Donald trump, saying it increases the chances of achieving peace.

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Donald trump has postponed the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem 01.06.2017

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