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Donald trump: «I don’t care, two States or one»

A month after the inauguration of Donald trump held his first meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli observers note that since the landing of the aircraft with the Israeli delegation in Washington, the host country does everything to make it clear: Netanyahu is a welcome guest in the United States.

Around 19:02 Israel time Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu arrived to the main entrance to the White house. The US President Donald Trumpkin and his wife came out to greet the guests.

Meeting Donald trump and Benjamin Netanyahu aroused great interest worldwide, as evidenced by the large number of journalists who gathered in the East room of the White house, which hosted a joint briefing of the two leaders.

Opening the meeting, the US President said that the White house «restores warm relations with Israel.»

He noted that cooperation between the United States and Israel is based on shared values: individual liberty and the pursuit of peace. According to him, on these principles rests the democracy of Israel, which is a symbol of endurance and survival. «We will not forget what the Jewish people went through, and your courage in the face of hostility and violence,» said trump.

The US President recalled that Israel confronts serious threats, including nuclear, coming from Iran. and promised that every effort would be made to ensure that Tehran does not have possession of nuclear weapons. «We promise that Israel will be able to protect themselves,» said Donald trump.

Trump also called it «illogical and dishonest» against the Jewish state in the world and at the UN: «We must ensure greater security for Israel».

Answering questions of journalists about his vision of a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Donald trump said: «I agree on two, and in one state — let it decide the parties to the conflict. At some point I would be happy if it were two States, but will as decide hand. The main thing is to be the result of direct negotiations was signed a peace Treaty.»

On the issue of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, trump said that he is seriously considering this possibility. «Let’s wait and see what happens», he added.

Donald trump also turned to Netanyahu and asked for «a little to hold back construction in the settlements» to the new agreement, which, according to trump, many will be surprised.

Speaking about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the negotiations between Jerusalem and Ramallah, the U.S. President said that Israelis will have to show some flexibility: «I know it’s hard. They need to show that you are really interested in the agreement. And I think that the new concept of the White house, which we have already discussed, will allow them to be flexible». The US President also said that the Palestinians would have to recognize Israel’s right to exist, renounce incitement and hatred they teach children from a very early age.»

In response to the growing anti-Semitism in the United States Donald trump promised that he will do everything possible to confront racism, noting noted that it is also important for him personally, because his daughter, son-in-law, three grandchildren and many friends — Jews. He believes that changes in the US will see in a few years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that he is interested in the agreement with the Palestinian authority. He reiterated that the obstacle to agreement is not the settlements, and the failure of the leadership of the Palestinian authority to recognize the right of Jewish state to exist and the refusal to comply with the requirements of Israel’s compliance with security measures.

Netanyahu said that under any agreement Israel needs to retain control in matters of security on the entire territory from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea. The Prime Minister refused to answer the question of whether the parameters of his «bar-Ilanskaya speech» and proposed to focus not on slogans, but on fact.

According to the Prime Minister of Israel, the prospect of reaching an agreement lies in the regional process with the participation of moderate Arab regimes. The Prime Minister of Israel rejected the charges of colonialism, saying: «the Jews are called Jews because they are Jews. So we can’t be colonialists here.»

According to publications in the media, in the schedule Donald trump selected to meet with the Israeli leader about two and a half hours. After the meeting the couple Netanyahu will take part in the joint with the couple, the tramp dinner.

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Donald trump: «I don’t care, two States or one» 16.02.2017

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