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Donald trump: the war with North Korea is not our first priority

The US President Donald trump said that military action against the DPRK are not his «first choice» and also reported that he held «sincere and highly effective» telephone talks on the subject of severomorskie crisis with his Chinese counterpart XI Jinping.

About it writes on Wednesday, September 6, the news Agency Reuters.

«President XI wants to do something. Let’s see what we can do. We will not put up with what is happening today in North Korea. President XI fully agreed with me», – quotes Agency the words of trump, said at the meeting with reporters in the White house.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that the Chinese army is preparing to «surprise attack» in Pyongyang, which was converted this week the most powerful in the history of nuclear testing and continues to destabilize the situation in the region. Last Tuesday, the air defense battalion conducted training in the area of the Bohai sea, the deepest Bay of the Yellow sea separating China from the Peninsula.

We will remind that on Sunday the government of North Korea announced the successful test of the hydrogen bomb, which can be incorporated in the new warhead Intercontinental ballistic missiles. The message about the sixth nuclear test was aired by state television of the DPRK, it stressed that testing on a special test site were successful and radiation leaks were not.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, said that the irresponsible actions by Pyongyang indicate that Kim Jong-UN «wants to start a war», and urged to apply in respect of a rogue state’s most effective diplomatic measures.

«Enough to endure. USA has never sought to war and don’t want it. But the patience of our countries is not unlimited», – leads edition of the words Hayley. She was echoed by diplomats from France, Britain, Italy and other countries, which demanded that North Korean authorities to put an end to missile and nuclear tests, threatening regime in Pyongyang with new sanctions.

«North Korea is a clear threat to peace and security in the world,» said Sebastiano Cardi, permanent representative of Italy, who heads the Committee on sanctions against North Korea. He noted that the DPRK is the only country that conducts nuclear tests in the twenty-first century

The new sanctions that the UN is considering today may include a ban on exports of textiles and imports of oil, and limiting air and sea transportation and reducing the flow of labour from North Korea.

Against these measures objected by the representative of Russia Vasily Nebenzia, which stated: such measures exclude the possibility of «constructive negotiations» with North Korea that, in his opinion, is the only way to resolve the crisis.

Russia and China have proposed a different way: North Korea will suspend nuclear and missile development, and the United States and South Korea joint military exercises, which Pyongyang sees as a rehearsal for invasion.

Donald trump: the war with North Korea is not our first priority 07.09.2017

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