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DPA apologizing for the article written in the style of the «Protocols of the elders of Zion»

Ahead of the meeting of the head of the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President German news Agency DPA apologized for the article, which stated that the Jewish sponsors has led Donald trump to power.

About it writes on Tuesday, February 14, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

«Trump enthroned influential Jewish party bosses» – quotes the edition a quote from the aforementioned article. The author focuses the readers attention on the Jewish origin of some members of the administration trump and claims that American Jews «pull the strings» the new team at the White house.

In this article it is reported that David Freedman, the U.S. Ambassador in Israel, «the son of a Rabbi, known for his tough stance on middle East conflict,» Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of the President and the Scion of a very religious Jewish family, affects the decisions made by trump and billionaire Sheldon Edelson, supporting Israel, called the «super-rich casino owner».

Daniel Keeley, the representative of the Jewish community of Hamburg, said in an interview: «This is not a statement of neo-fascist party NPD, this is the official news Agency of Germany uses the cliché of the «Jewish lobby» and other anti-Semitic stereotypes – that’s incredible!»

Chris Meltzer, press Secretary of the DPA, States that this article should not have been published, and regrets about it. He said that a new article on this subject «will be released any minute.»

Ulrich sham, a veteran of German journalism, who works in Jerusalem, believes that such material can be used only in the «Protocols of the elders of Zion», a famous anti-Semitic forgery, which States in the international Jewish conspiracy, cover his web of Europe.

DPA apologizing for the article written in the style of the «Protocols of the elders of Zion» 14.02.2017

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