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Dr. Abu al-Aish, whose daughter was killed in Gaza, rejected the conclusions of the examination of the IDF

Dr. Ezzadin Abu al-Aish rejected the results of the Israeli examination conducted after the death of his daughters during operation Cast lead. According to him, Israel is trying to evade responsibility, blaming Hamas. The doctor said that his goal is to ensure that justice is done.

This statement of Abu al-Aisha quoted many of the Arab media, in particular, the website of the Palestinian newspaper «al-Hayat al-Jadida».

As previously reported, on March 15 in the district court in Beersheba held a hearing on the case of Dr. Izaddina Abu al-Aisha, three daughters and a niece were killed in the Gaza strip on 16 January 2009, during IDF counterterrorist operation «Cast lead». The defendant in this case is the Ministry of defense of Israel.

During the shelling for more than eight years ago, died, daughter of Abu al-Aisha – Bassam (21), Mayar (15) and Aya (13) and niece Nur (17). The daughter of Satha, who was then 16 years old, was seriously injured and lost an eye.

Until yesterday the main reason for the deaths of their children Dr. Abu al-Aisha was considered to be the Israeli military fire at home where his family lived.

The tragic incident occurred after Israeli soldiers fired at the snipers hiding in a nearby house in the quarter Sajaia of Gaza city. Military noticed a suspicious figure on the roof and on the balcony of the house of the doctor, decided that this fire spotters, and opened fire. At home was released two by a tank shell. The ensuing army investigation found that the shelling was a mistake.

But on March 15 the court was presented with affidavits of the officers who conducted the laboratory analysis of the fragments extracted from the bodies of two people injured in that incident and taken to Israeli hospitals. «The findings of the Commission of experts suggests that the fragments discovered chemical ingredients that are not typical for any of the weapons used by the IDF, but typical for ammunition and explosives, which are armed terrorist organizations», – stated in the document, which was submitted to media by the press service of the Ministry of justice of Israel.

After the tragedy of a Professor and specialist in Ezaddin Abu al-Aish, who previously worked in by the beer Sheva hospital «Soroka», with five surviving children moved to Canada. It requires the Israeli government’s formal apology and compensation. A lawsuit was filed in 2010 after his demands for an apology were rejected by the Israeli side.

14 Mar Abu al-Aish held a press conference in Jerusalem, which said, «I’m not here to win in court and gain, I’m here for the sake of hope and justice. I want to bring back their dead daughters in the human face: they were making plans for the future, studied, they had their dreams. They didn’t deserve to die… My daughters were educated in the spirit of the struggle for peace and humanity. I was sent their children in the joint with the Jewish children of the camp world. They studied, got an education, achieved success, dreamed of. Part of the compensation, which I hope to obtain as a result of judicial process, will be directed to the Fund «In the name of daughters» which I created after their death. The Foundation supports girls living in the Palestinian authority, in Israel, in Afghanistan and in Canada, and helps them to get an education. So I know that the sacrifice of our family was not in vain».

The lawyer representing the Abu al-Aisha in the Israeli court, said the editorial that his client had not filed lawsuits against the leadership of the terrorist organization Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip and acting against the Israeli military during operation Cast lead. «Hamas did not release the shells, as a result of rupture which killed his daughter,» said the lawyer.

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Dr. Abu al-Aish, whose daughter was killed in Gaza, rejected the conclusions of the examination of the IDF 16.03.2017

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