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Drought in Italy: the Vatican turns off the fountains in solidarity with the people

Spring this year was one of the driest in Italy over the last 60 years that have had a profound effect on agriculture. Deficiency of rainwater will cost the government $ 2.3 billion. Amid these disasters, the Holy see, disables their famous fountains in solidarity with the people.

About it writes on Tuesday, July 25, the website of the TV channel CBS News.

Press Secretary of the Holy see Greg Burke said in an interview with news Agency Reuters that the move is designed to demonstrate the unity of the people and the Roman Catholic Church on the background of the unfolding water crisis.

He noted that the Vatican and Rome supplied with water from the same source, and this decision is the way to help the Eternal city.

On the territory of Vatican are functioning normally about a hundred of fountains, some of them are real works of art, and the old-timers don’t remember a time when they had to shut down.

Vatican radio Radio reported that the decision is consistent with the statement of Pope Francis who is concerned about environmental issues, strongly condemns the wasting of water resources and calls for care about purity of drinking water.

«Sometimes we have to sacrifice something. The beautiful gardens of the Vatican may not bloom all year round, but will the people survive», – leads edition of the words of the Pontiff.

Drought in Italy: the Vatican turns off the fountains in solidarity with the people 25.07.2017

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