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Due to the construction of the population of be’er-ya’akov will grow five-fold

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, head of the Land office of Israel, Adiel Shomron and head of the local Council be’er Yaakov Nissim a: signed on Tuesday, June 13, the umbrella agreement (the»ASKEM gag») on the development of the city, which will be built 11.635 housing units and will be one and a half million square feet of commercial and industrial space. As a result of implementation of the umbrella agreement in be’er ya’akov will live 25 thousand families, but the city’s population will increase to 100 thousand people. The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Under the agreement, the Land office until 2017 sell plot No. 2 for 3200 housing units: built-up area will be released when the transfer of the military base «Tzrifin». In 2018 will be sold station number 1, just inside the current database «Tzrifin» it will be built 3700 housing units. In the same year 2018 will be sold the plot «will Tumim» 837 housing units.

The agreement also provides for a manger on 42 groups, kindergartens, 66 groups, elementary school 264 class and 9 classes for children with special needs — «Chinuch meuchad».

10% of the area will be allocated for the project of urban renewal of old districts Herzl and MAIMONIDES: it is the «Karka Muslima» when contractors allocate plots to compensate for the unfavorable renovation and construction work.

In recent years, the development of beer-Yaacov received a new impetus: if in 1961 the population of the city amounted to only 5,300 in 2009 after the opening 431 highway, it has grown to 20 thousand people. It is expected that the implementation of the umbrella agreement, the city’s population will grow fivefold to 100 thousand people.

«We help the country to grow, — said the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. — Thanks to agreements multiplied by the population of Ofakim, Ashkelon, Beit Shemesh, and today we five times will multiply the be’er ya’akov. We prepare Israel to the twentieth anniversary of the massive construction and infrastructure development. We will build and build, until we resolve the housing crisis in the country.»

The Minister of construction, Yoav GALANT, in turn, called be’er ya’akov «the pearl centre of the country» and stressed that the city has a huge potential for development and prosperity. «The agreement signed today contains many items designed to help Israelis who want to live in the center of the country, said GALANT. Is the result of the work of the housing staff and the Ministry of construction in reducing the cost of housing. I thank the Minister Kahlon for his active struggle with the high cost of living in Israel, which resulted in «the newcomer» («Policy Le-Mistaken») and «Family net» («Net Mishpaha»).

Due to the construction of the population of be’er-ya’akov will grow five-fold 14.06.2017

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