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Duke vs. Netanyahu: «You are the government wimps»

During the plenary session of the Knesset held on Wednesday, February 10, there was a violent skirmish between the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the parliamentary opposition Yitzhak Herzog.

Meeting in which the requirement of 40 deputies attended by the Prime Minister, should have been on the bill the opportunity to remove current members of the Knesset. But very quickly it turned into a debate between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition about the current situation in the security sphere.

The Prime Minister criticized the foreign policy program «of the Zionist camp», approved at the conference last Sunday. «Good morning, Bougies, as always, the latter understood what was happening, but made the wrong conclusions». Netanyahu said that «Israel should maintain control over what is happening on the territory of the Palestinian authority, and to ensure that the status of demilitarization of the territory».

In turn, Isaac Herzog said that «the government has the ability to act freely, but don’t do anything at all.» According to Duke, «if you want to Annex the territory – act, but you are weak, and prefer only to talk».

Duke vs. Netanyahu: «You are the government wimps» 11.02.2016

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