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During the visit, trump the police will evacuate cars from the center of Jerusalem

Jerusalem police asked residents of the streets David and-melach, Emil Botta, Washington, Mapou, and Lincoln on 22 and 23 March not to Park next to the house. Police warn that during the visit of US President Donald trump in Israel with the streets mentioned above will be the evacuation of parked cars.

Donald trump will visit Israel during the upcoming middle East tour. The plane of the us President will land in Israel on may 22 at about 11:00. At the airport Ben Gurion will hold an official ceremony, which will be attended by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. From the airport the helicopter will take the US President in Jerusalem. Currently it is unknown where it will land helicopters of the President and his guard. Checked the possibility to put machines at the airport police headquarters. It is also possible that will be prepared a special strip in Ein Yael near the city. Immediately upon arrival in the capital of Donald trump, accompanied by his wife, daughter and son-in-law will go to the wailing Wall. After that, trump and the members of the delegation had lunch at the hotel King David, and then there will be an official reception at the residence of President Reuven Rivlin.

Currently it is unknown whether Donald trump memorial complex «Yad Vashem». The evening of may 22 will be an official dinner at the residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the morning of 23 may, the helicopter will deliver Donald trump on Masada, where the U.S. President will speak in front of hundreds of invitees. Then he will return to Jerusalem, where the motorcade will travel to Bethlehem. There is the head of the American administration will hold a meeting with PNA head Mahmoud Abbas.

After its completion, trump will return to Jerusalem, where the helicopter will go to Ben Gurion airport. At about 14:00 he will leave Israel.

During the visit, trump the police will evacuate cars from the center of Jerusalem 16.05.2017

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