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Early elections or a compromise. MPs comment on the coalition crisis

Sunday, March 4, edition appealed to the deputies from the different coalition parties to comment on the coalition crisis on the background of the ultimatum, put forward by party «yaadut-Thor.»

The ultra-Orthodox require the approval of the new law on conscription before the budget is adopted in 2019.

The head of the organizing Committee of the Knesset, Deputy Miki Zohar (Likud) said that, in his opinion, Israel is on the verge of early elections.
«Ultraradical have to understand that serious issues are resolved by agreement and not by arm-twisting and imposition of decisions, and by negotiating and reaching agreements,» – said the Deputy Miki Zohar. According to him, the talks between the leaders of the coalition and the ultra-Orthodox continue all the time. «The Prime Minister will continue to try to reach a compromise. I think they understand the need to reach an agreement, not force and coercion». Miki Zohar added that the Likud is not afraid of the possibility of early elections: «In the last days, everything revolves around early elections. We do not fear this possibility because in all the polls, only we strengthen the result of the early elections».

On Saturday evening, March 3, a senior government spokesman said that at the moment a high probability of early elections. «The probability of election is higher than the probability of reaching compromise,» the source said.

The head of the faction «Kulanu» ROI Folkman said in an interview with that his party will not agree to a delay in approving the state budget. «It is necessary to comply with agreements reached. The government approved the budget, there is agreement that this budget will not be amended, and that the Knesset would approve it before the completion of the winter session of the Knesset. If such basic arrangement are sacrificed sectoral blackmail, how can we speak about normal work of the government?» said ROI Folkman. The Deputy refused to answer the question, how will his party in the case on March 15, the day of the winter session of the Knesset, the budget will not be approved. «We firmly stated that in this case cease to be members of the coalition,» said Folkman. He accused the Likud in the irresponsible approach to the problem of law on appeal: «More than six months ago, we told Ministers from Likud that it is necessary to search for a solution, it is necessary to work, but this was not done. And now the Prime Minister can resolve the crisis, but I don’t see too active steps on the part of Likud. At the moment the probability of election is very high.»

The head of the faction «yaadut Torah» URI Maklev noted that it is impossible to postpone the adoption of the law on appeal, as, according to him, on the verge of the high court, required to adopt a new law on the appeal not later than September 2018. At the same time, the Deputy, the budget may be approved until 31 December 2018. The Deputy from «yaadut Torah» noted that he is aware of the opportunities to strengthen Yair Lapid in the case of elections. «We are not contractors of the votes in the Likud. Strengthening Yair Lapid in polls occurred because of the investigations against the Prime Minister, not because of our struggle for the values of the Sabbath or the law on conscription,» said Mokleb. He added that currently it is impossible to say with certainty how it will end the current political crisis. «Negotiations are being conducted all the time, but we do not and cannot know what they will end,» he said.

Informed ultra-Orthodox newspaper «A Modiano» published the statement of the Deputy Minister of health Yaakov of Litzman, repeating that he did not intend to vote for the draft state budget until then, until the approval of the law on appeal. At the request of Litzman, this decision is made on the basis of orders received from the Council of Torah scholars.

An editorial of the newspaper «A Modiano» supporting the party «Agudat Israel», which, together with «and Degel Torah» forms a unit «yaadut-Tora», also speaks of the need to achieve the adoption of law on appeal even at the cost of a possible collapse of the coalition and early elections. «We know that the current government is one of the best for the ultra-Orthodox Jewry. But the question of solving the problem of invocation is one of the major problems that we are constantly ranked. And if this question someone will lead to the collapse of the government, and if we will suffer damage, it is necessary to remember that the world of Torah is more important than political gains». In an editorial says that there is «danger» of coming to power of Yair Lapid, however, the struggle for law on appeal justifies the risk.

Knesset member Oded Forer («Israel Our home») laid responsibility for the crisis on the tourism Minister Ariva Levin (Likud), who coordinated the work of the Commission created more than six months ago to develop acceptable to all the coalition factions, the wording of the law on appeal. «This Commission met once, talked, haredim said that they need to think about what he heard, and since then they think,» said Forer. He added that in recent weeks, a professional Commission established by the Minister of defense Avigdor Lieberman. «It is the Commission which prepares a government bill, taking into account all the aspects related to the appeal. And then the ultra-Orthodox put on the table a bill and demand his immediate approval, and even threaten not to vote for the budget. It’s called blackmail, and we do not intend to succumb to it,» added Forer. He added that the position of the party «Kulanu» remains unclear. «They require the approval of the budget, but never talked about that oppose the law on appeal. I fear that the coalition will try, based on the votes of the party «Kulanu», a bill on conscription and budget. «We will do everything we can to have this law on appeal has not passed,» said Forer.

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Early elections or a compromise. MPs comment on the coalition crisis 04.03.2018

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