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Egyptian President shook hands with freed sex slave by Islamic state

On Saturday, December 26, the Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi received at his residence in Cairo, 21-year-old Nadia Murad basi Taha, who spent three months in captivity of militants of the «Islamic state» in Iraq as sex slaves, reports the website

16 December, the representative of Iraqi Yazidis Nadia Murad addressed the UN security Council in new York. Later, she asked for a private meeting with the President of Egypt is the Arab leader who is fighting against ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula.

The press service of the President of Egypt said that special attention during the conversation with Nadia Murad was paid to the problem of terrorists using a distorted religious ideology to justify their crimes. Al-Sisi has vowed to continue the fight against extremists from the Islamic state. He assured his companion that the Sunni Islamic al-Azhar University in Cairo are working to refute the false and inhuman fatwa ideologists of the IG. (Recall that one such religious instructions – «fatwa 64», dated 29 January 2015 – allows the militants to rape their slaves.) Murad expressed his desire to meet with scholars from al-Azhar.

Nadia Murad lived in the Yezidi village of Kocho in Northern Iraq, along with his mother and brothers. She was a University student. In August 2014 Kocho was captured by is militants that killed more than 80 men (including brothers Murad) and stole in slavery of women and children (approximately 150 families). Among the slaves, taken to Mosul, was and Nadia. At the meeting of the security Council, she said, as it turned out in the square, where she was approached by a huge, «like a monster» the man who wanted to buy it, and when she screamed, cruelly beat her, and then she asked another buyer to «take her». So she became a slave and held in sexual slavery for three months. She later managed to escape.

According to Nadia, the Islamists of the rape «to deprive them of hope for the future», because then no man will want to take the former prisoner as his wife or even touch her. President al-Sisi, pressing her hand, clearly demonstrated that for him, Nadia Murad – a victim of terrorists, to which he shows compassion and respect. Communicating with this woman, the President asked her about her plans for the future.

The Yazidi. Summary

The Yezidi – Kurdish ethno-confessional group speaking the Kurdish language kurmanjis group Aryan branch of the Indo-European family.

Mainly reside in Northern Iraq and in Europe. In the First world war the Yezidis on the side of the Russians fought with the Ottoman Empire, fighting the Armenian genocide. After the First world war had migrated into the Russian Empire, then in Europe.

Total population: 700 thousand to 1.5-2 million people. Of which at least 500 thousand lived in Iraq (primarily in the North, in the mountains of Sinjar, in the areas of ain-Sifni and Dohuk). In other countries: Germany – 60 thousand, Russia – 40 thousand, Armenia – 35 thousand, Georgia – 20 thousand, Syria – 14 thousand, Sweden – 4 thousand, Ukraine – 2 thousand. In addition, a small community of Yezidis in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, and Turkey.

During the rule of Saddam Hussein, the Yazidis were trying to register as Arabs. After the overthrow of the regime of Kurdish authorities, who control the North of Iraq, also trying to assimilate the Yezidis. Historically, the Yezidis have experienced harassment by the Muslim majority, who consider them «infidels».

The religion of the Yezidis is close to a creed other syncretic religions of the Kurdish – Alevis (not to be confused with alawites) and Ali-Ilfov, with whom is United under the General name of yazdanism. Relies mainly on oral tradition. There are also two sacred books containing the tenets, canons, cosmogony and rituals: Ketabe Gilva («Book of revelation») and Mashate rush (Black Book).

Because of persecution and other reasons the religion of the Yezidis considered closed and poorly understood. Their creed, founded by Sheikh ADI Ibn Musafir, an Arab origin and a Muslim of Sufi orientation, finally established by XIV-XV centuries, absorbing elements of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Manichaeism. In the media the religion of the Yezidis sometimes mistakenly referred to as «Christian».

Muslim and Christian critics of yezidism is often associated worshipped by the Yezidi Supreme angel/deity Melek-Tawusi (angel Peacock) with Satan or a fallen angel, the Yazidis mistakenly believed «fans of the evil spirit». The Yezidis recognize one God-the Creator of Tawus Malak and Sheikh ADI. Often these individuals are mixed or even deified, that is, each of them acts as the dominant God.

The Yezidis say, that in the last Millennium they fought with weapons in their hands for the preservation of their religion. According to the Yezidis, one of the strongest attacks from invaders, the population received during the Arab invasion in the region, and Islam brought immense suffering to the Yezidis. They say that many Yezidis were forced to convert to Islam. In the middle of the XX century near the Iraqi city Sulaymaniyah, archaeologists found a scroll, known as «suleimaniye parchment» where the Yazidis were described as citizens resisted the invaders; there is described how for several days, were executed about 100 thousand defenders of the city: these were the Yezidis and Zoroastrians who refused to convert to Islam.

Representatives of the Yezidis declare that now history is repeating itself: the militants of the «Islamic state» kill them just because they refuse to accept Islam.

Egyptian President shook hands with freed sex slave by Islamic state 27.12.2015

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