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Ehud Barak against Yair Netanyahu: «Pay him a psychiatrist»

Caricature, which was published in his account on the social network facebook the son of the head of the government, Yair Netanyahu, has caused sharp criticism among Israeli politicians.

The cartoon depicted Ehud Barak, George Soros, Eldad Yaniv and Meni Naftali. The cartoon entitled «the food chain».

In response, Ehud Barak wrote in his twitter microblog: «the Boy hears this at home? It is a genetic or individual mental illness? Anyway, it is worth it to sponsor the psychiatrist, not the driver and the guard.»

After that Yair Netanyahu published a new post on facebook: «I very much hope that Ehud Barak wrote a status about me, sitting in Boston, in between the two questionable transactions. Hope he was not drunk, after drinking too much whiskey (if I remember correctly, it happens). It is time to seek the assistance of the anesthetist, Ehud».

A caricature published by the son of the Prime Minister, drew attention and right-wing activist in the United States David Duke. «The son of Netanyahu published a cartoon, which contains an allusion to the fact that the Soros consolidated his power over the world,» wrote Duke.

The head of the party «Avoda» AVI Gabay said: «Especially sad is the day when the house of the head of government of the Jewish state published the cartoon, with which I agree one of the leaders of the «Ku Klux Klan».

Ehud Barak against Yair Netanyahu: «Pay him a psychiatrist» 10.09.2017

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