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Ehud Olmert begins to serve his sentence in prison «Maasiyahu»

Sunday, February 15, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will begin to be served in prison «Maasiyahu» the punishment imposed on him by the Israeli courts.

Former Prime Minister sentenced to a year and seven months in prison. 18 months prison, Olmert received a bribe in the amount of 60 thousand shekels in the case of the Holyland, and to one month in prison he was sentenced for interference with the course of the investigation. The second sentence Olmert was based on recordings of conversations with the head of the office of Soloi of appeal, which heard the former Prime Minister tried to persuade his former subordinate not to give against him the testimony, and to destroy the diaries.

Olmert also was sentenced to eight months in prison for «the case Talansky». Start serving this sentence delayed pending appeal in the Supreme court.

On the morning of 15 February, Olmert issued a statement in which he said that «still denies the allegations of taking bribes». According to the former Prime Minister, «this is the hardest day in my life, and with a sad heart I accept the punishment imposed by the court».

Olmert is required to report to jail no later than 10:00. At the entrance to «Maasiyahu» guards General security service (SHABAK), accompanying the former Prime Minister, deliver to the prison staff. New prisoner’s personal items will be carefully inspected, Olmert took a picture, talk to him doctor, a social worker and the head of the body, and then ex-Prime Minister would send in a designated cell.

It is reported that Olmert will be in building # 10 the prison «Maasiyahu». In this case, which was rebuilt specifically for the former Prime Minister, there are six cameras in three places in each cell. In addition to Olmert, in this case there will be another 16 prisoners, approved by the General security service (SHABAK). Radio station «Sieves Beth» reports that along with Olmert in the tenth case will be another five persons convicted in Holyland: Meir Rabin, Dani Dankner, Simchayof Eliezer, URI Sheetrit and Avigdor Kellner. Another offender – Hillel Cherny – will serve his sentence in prison, «Hermon».

It is reported that the cost of rebuilding the buildings, which will contain Olmert, amounted to four million shekels.

Ehud Olmert served as Prime Minister on 4 may 2006 to 31 March 2009. He is the first in the history of the state Prime Minister, sentenced to prison.

Ehud Olmert begins to serve his sentence in prison «Maasiyahu» 15.02.2016

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