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Eilat beach KAZAA open to the public

Previously owned by the company, KAZAA (“Cove cinor Eilat-Ashkelon” — “Pipeline Eilat-Ashkelon”) the area of the coastline of the red sea placed at the disposal of the municipality of Eilat.

The ceremony was attended by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, the mayor of Eilat, Meir Yitzhak Halevi and the head of the organization, KAZAA Erez Halfon.

We are talking about the stretch of coast about 300 meters, located to the South of Dolphin reef: this beautiful beach with coral reefs and marine life of the red sea was closed to the public for about 50 years. On-site marine reserve, where we study the human impact on the ecosystem of the coral reefs of the red sea.

“The coast belongs to all the citizens of the country, — said Moshe Kahlon, during his speech at the ceremony. — We will continue the struggle to other beaches back to the public”.

Now in the fence bounding the stretch of beach near the pipeline, will be made a gate for the passage of divers and vacationers. In the future citizens will be open an extra stretch of coast about 200 meters it will be equipped with “Ecological beach” for snorkeling and educational programs to explore the underwater world of coral reefs.

The length of the coastline of Eilat is about 13 miles, 3.5 kilometers unavailable for vacationers and belong to various organizations, including the “Hevrat Namely Israel” (“Israel ports”), Israeli Navy, Ministry of ecology, inter-University research Institute and others. However, KAZAA was the first organization that transmits your site in the municipality.

Eilat beach KAZAA open to the public 05.07.2017

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