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Einstein: «God does not attempt to simplify our understanding of the world order»

Next week Jerusalem auction house Winner will put up for sale five letters by albert Einstein to his colleague, physicist David Bohm, in which a brilliant scientist expounds his views on God, McCarthyism and the newly created State of Israel.

These letters, written in the period from 1951 to 1954, was discovered in the home of the widow Bohm, who died a year ago, wrote on Tuesday, June 13, the news Agency AP. Starting price of each of these letters is 8.000 dollars, the entire collection is 20.000.

In 1951 David Bohm lived in Brazil, which fled from US in connection with allegations of links with the Communists. He worked at the University of são Paulo, where he studied quantum physics. BOM complained to Einstein, with whom I became friends while working at Princeton University, the difficulties of life in Brazil.

The great physicist replied that in the foreseeable future he sees «a more reasonable political relations» in the United States, and that BOM needs to live in Brazil until I get citizenship and will be able to go in search of «a more intellectual atmosphere.»

BOM ignored this advice, he left Brazil in 1955 and moved to Israel, where he taught at the Haifa Technion. There he met Sarah Wolfson, whom he married a year later. In 1957 the couple moved to the UK. Until his death in 1992, Bohm worked at the University of Bristol.

Their attitude to the Jewish state, Einstein formulated in a letter to Bohm: «In Israel there is intelligent life, but a very narrow range of possibilities. To prizeat there intending to leave the country at the first opportunity – a sad prospect.»

We will remind that itself the Nobel laureate refused the offer to become President of Israel, made in 1952.

«If God created the world, he hardly cared that it was easy for us to understand his device,» wrote Einstein in February 1954, a year before his death.

In another letter, dated February 1953, Einstein compares the «current state of minds» of Americans covered by «anti-Communist McCarthyism,» with the paranoia flooding Germany in the early XX century, when the country was ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Bohm’s widow after his death moved to Jerusalem, where he died in April 2016.

Einstein: «God does not attempt to simplify our understanding of the world order» 13.06.2017

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