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«El al» has filed a lawsuit in the high court demanding to ban flights Air India over Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, March 28, the company «El al» has filed a lawsuit in the superior court of justice (high court) against the government of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of transport Yisrael Katz, the head of the civil aviation authority of Yoel, Fladsa airlines and Air India.

The reason for the suit became the Indian airlines flight to Israel, which took place over the territory of Saudi Arabia. The representatives of «El-al» require to issue a temporary ban on flights of Air India over Saudi Arabia as long as the Israeli airline will not be eligible for these flights. According to representatives of «El-al», we are talking about discrimination and violation of the rules of fair competition.

In its lawsuit, «El al» refers to the decision of the government of Israel of 1994, in accordance with which must be ensured equal opportunities for Israeli and foreign companies and ensured fair competition.

The head of the Board of Directors of «El al» Eli Defes explained that from the point of view of the company, it is a violation of promises given by the government about discrimination and create conditions of unequal competition. «Such a precedent no country in the world,» said Dees. He added that the company «El al» requested the government to ask the international civil aviation Agency and the government of Saudi Arabia with the request to allow Israeli airlines to fly over the territory of the Arab state. In «El Ale» insist that to obtain such permission the flights of Air India to Israel via Saudi Arabia should be banned.

On the evening of March 22 at the international airport named Ben-Gurion landed the first passenger plane that made a flight to Israel over the territory of the Arab countries do not recognize the Jewish state. A Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by Air India flight EN route AI139, took off from the airport Indira Gandhi in new Delhi. The flight duration was seven hours. Over the territory of Saudi Arabia, the plane was 2.5 hours. On Board among 260 passengers was the CEO of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel, Yuval Rotem.

Air blockade of Israel was declared Arab countries in may 1948, immediately after independence of the Jewish state. Attempt to force foreign airlines refuse to fly to Israel failed, but the ban on flying planes to Israel through the airspace of the Arab countries is still in effect.

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«El al» has filed a lawsuit in the high court demanding to ban flights Air India over Saudi Arabia 28.03.2018

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