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Elderly Japanese karate has managed to fight off his attacker bear

68-year-old Hirohito Miyagawa active in karate and head of the dojo in the city of Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture, using his skills, managed to fend off a bear attack, according to Japanese site and the Russian news Agency RIA Novosti.

According to Miyagawa, he worked in the garden in a mountainous, forested area when he attacked the bear. «I felt the presence of someone behind, but when he turned, he saw a bear. He stood on his hind legs and was ready to attack. First I kicked him in the stomach, then struck in the chest, it worked, and the bear lowered his head, then I put another kick. The bear escaped into the mountains,» he says.

Older karate says attacked with a knee and toe (his feet were rubber boots), as well as fists. He got a few scratches in a fight with a bear.

The veracity of the story Miyagawa is not particularly clear. On his site clearly visible bear tracks, as well as the devastation caused by the beast.

At the end of July in Yamanashi Prefecture received 83 reports of bears in the area of housing. The police warns about the need to be careful.

Bears that come down to the house or attack people in the mountains are not uncommon in Japan. Annually recorded more than 100 cases of bear attacks on people. This occurs most often in may and October, to 10 such attacks in the year end for people in tragedy. In particular, in may this year in the Prefecture of Akita the bear was bullied to death a woman who was collecting in the mountains grass. Last year the number of victims of such attacks in the same Prefecture has risen to four.

Elderly Japanese karate has managed to fight off his attacker bear 01.08.2017

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