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Elected the new mayor of Ramat HaSharon

Tuesday, January 26, in Ramat a Sharon held the second round of the extraordinary elections for mayor of the city. The vote count showed that the Deputy of the city Council AVI Gruber won a landslide victory over Vice-mayor Jacob Koretsky. Gruber has typed 71,2% of voices, and Koretsky, only 28,8% of the vote.

Gruber, a lawyer and former adviser to Tzipi Livni, is a member of the city Council for the past seven years. The majority of the time was in opposition.

Early elections were announced after the magistrates court in tel Aviv sentenced the mayor of Ramat HaSharon, Yitzhak Rochberger to six months in prison, which will be replaced by public works. Rehberger found guilty of cheating the public trust, entering false data in corporate documents and falsification of a document, also sentenced to six months probation and pay a fine of 40 thousand shekels.

The court also found the actions of Rochberger «shameful» that deprives him of the opportunity to return to his post.

The mayor of Ramat HaSharon was found guilty in December 2014, and the Prosecutor’s office asked to appoint for him a sentence of six to 18 months in prison.

Rochberger was accused of illegally obtaining 120 thousand shekels from the Fund for improvement of qualification of civil servants of local authorities. As previously reported, after an investigation of Rochberger returned the money.

Elected the new mayor of Ramat HaSharon 27.01.2016

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