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Elections in Spain: an unexpected success of the left parties

Sunday, December 20, Spain held parliamentary elections in which the ruling conservative popular party of the current Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, received the most votes (29%), but failed to secure a majority in the Spanish Parliament.

Thus the people’s party will take 123 out of 350 seats in Parliament.

The second largest party in Parliament, the Spanish socialist workers party (PSOE) led by Pedro Sanchez. The socialists received 22 percent of the vote and will take 90 seats in the Spanish Parliament.

The loudest event on the past elections was the unexpected success of the recently formed left party Podemos («We can»), Pablo Iglesias, who received 21% of votes that will provide them with 69 seats in Parliament.

And also a new centrist party «Citizens» albert Rivera received 14% of the votes and will take 40 seats in Parliament.

Thus, analysts ‘ forecasts were fulfilled, and the Spanish two-party system that existed in the country for more than 30 years, came to an end.

Elections in Spain: an unexpected success of the left parties 21.12.2015

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