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Elections in the UK: Mae will form a government with Irish unionists

In the UK practically finished counting of votes at the extraordinary parliamentary elections.

The conservative party led by the current Prime Minister Theresa may has won the elections but lost the absolute majority in the House of Commons, was 326 seats out of 650.

After the counting of votes in 649 constituencies the conservatives get 318 seats in Parliament, the labour party, headed by Jeremy Corbin did – 261, the Scottish national party – 35, Northern Irish democratic unionist party – 10, Northern Irish «Sinn-FEIN» — 7, Wales «Plaid Cymru» — 4, «Green party» — 1, independent candidate — 1.

Advocated withdrawal from the European Union party UKIP lost its only MP.

Corbin has urged Mae to resign and announced his intention to try to form a coalition, but this scenario seems unlikely.

Theresa may announced the start of coalition talks with the Northern Irish democratic unionist party (DUP) led by Arlene foster. This coalition will build on 328-329 votes.

At 14:30 hours the leader of the conservative party Teresa may turn to the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II with a request to entrust to her the responsibility for forming a coalition government.

The democratic unionists have already declared readiness to support the tories and together they negotiate the UK out of the EU. According to estimates by political experts, among the demands of the DUP will be the most «invisible» border between the UK and Ireland, the revision of tariffs for ferry services and a decline in tourist taxes.

The DUP increased its representation in Parliament from 8 to 10 deputies through votes two years ago, given to the Ulster unionist party. At the same time, the voices of Northern Irish democratic labour party withdrew in favor of «Sinn FEIN», advocating for secession from the Kingdom.

In Scotland the conservative party, led by Ruth Elizabeth Davidson, has managed to win 13 districts, recovering from the defeat two years ago (1 district), while the Scottish national party lost 21 members, including its leader in Parliament, Angus Robertson and former first Minister Alex Salmond.

But in England, the conservatives suffered an unexpected defeat, losing 21 districts, of which 20 were in favor of the labour party.

Elections in the UK: Mae will form a government with Irish unionists 09.06.2017

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