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Elections or stability: opens winter session of the Knesset

Monday, October 23, opens the winter session of the Knesset of the 20th convocation. In that case, if the Knesset is dissolved prematurely, the session will continue until the end of March 2018.

Many people, both in the coalition and in the opposition are convinced that the current session of Parliament will be the last, and after it will be announced early elections.

Over five months, the Knesset will discuss a large number of bills, divisive, and sometimes the conflicts within the coalition. Every such conflict may be cause for the final collapse of the coalition.

In an interview with the head of the faction «Our home Israel» Robert Ilatov stated that the main problematic issue for the upcoming session will be the topic of the conscription of ultra-Orthodox. «After the abolition by the high Court last edition of the law on conscription, all «haredim» are subject to appeal. Ultra-Orthodox faction will try to hold a particular bill, we will insist on calling everyone in the military or alternative service, and on this basis, the potential for serious conflicts in the coalition,» said Ilatov.

The issue of conscription of ultra-Orthodox is just one of the many bills that threaten the stability of the coalition. In the Likud insist on holding a law prohibiting the open investigation against the Prime Minister during his tenure (the»French law»). This bill should be submitted for consideration by the inter-Ministerial Committee on legislation on 29 October. Oppose the party «Bayt Yehudi» and some deputies from «Kulanu».

The tenth channel ITV announced that the head of a coalition government David Bitan preparing a bill prohibiting the police publish guidelines for completion of the investigation. This bill will also face opposition from the «Kulanu».

Party «Bayt Yehudi» intends to propose a draft Basic law: legislation. This law needs first to distinguish between the role of the Supreme court in regard to the repeal of laws approved by the Knesset. The head of the faction «Kulanu» ROI Folkman said in an interview with that the bill is not even presented as a fraction of Moshe Kahlon opposed its approval and uses her agreed in the coalition agreements, the right of veto in matters of relations with the judicial system.

The joint Commission, headed by Knesset member Amir Ohana (Likud) continues work on draft Basic law on the Jewish character of the state.

Immediately after the reopening of the Knesset Finance Committee will resume its discussion of the law on the taxation of a third apartment. This bill is one of the most important for the party «Kulanu».

During the winter session of the Knesset will begin the preparation of the state budget for the year 2019.

The opposition intend to resort to parliamentary and non-parliamentary methods of struggle, in particular, as explained in the editorial the head of the «Yesh Atid» ofer Shelah, using the possibility of recourse to the high court.

However, the most serious threat to the existence of a coalition associated with the development of investigations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the political system believe that the elections to the Knesset of 21st convocation will be determined personally by the Prime Minister, on the grounds that, as in December 2014, will remain a mystery.

Material prepared by political observer Gabby Wolfson

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Elections or stability: opens winter session of the Knesset 23.10.2017

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