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Elena Orlova and Vladimir Belkin: «Joking and playing, you can teach the most serious things»

Editorial continues to acquaint our readers with the initiatives of new immigrants. This time we want to talk about «the Academy of intelligence», opened in Israel, familiar to our audience, veterans of the intellectual club «What? Where? When?» Elena Orlova and Vladimir Belkin.

They are not only well-known players of the club «What? Where? When?» and the authors of many educational TV shows and experienced teachers. Vladimir Belkin – founder of the children’s and youth intellectual competitions, the founder of the greatest children’s clubs, and past – editor of game show «What? Where? When?» on the First channel. Elena Orlova – teacher-psychologist, creativity consultant.

Orlov and Belkin immigrated to Israel in 2014, and soon in Israel opened branches «of the Academy of intelligence», where the children develop a set of qualities and skills needed, as explained by the authors of the idea, both in school and in adult life. Teaching methods and course Elena and Vladimir have developed themselves on the basis of personal experience and classic techniques.

«The program is based on our game experience that is unique. We know how to develop the ability to work in team, to train memory, attention, logic, creativity and other qualities that will be useful to any student, student and professional – after all, has taught us this game. Elements of classical training we bring the game to children not burdened by the process of acquisition of skills and knowledge, and strive for it. Joking and playing you can accidentally teach the most serious things,» says Mr Belkin.

Elena and Vladimir emphasize that not so much take on the task of the school to give children knowledge but to help them «pump up the intellectual muscles».

«The world has changed. If it was important for us to remember what we read, now the emphasis has shifted, the Internet, and human memory has actually become external. But, by analogy with the computer to make full use of external memory, you need a fast processor and good RAM. So we overclock the processor and memory training», – says Orlov.

According to the teachers, the motto «Academy of intelligence» is a popular phrase Helvetia «Knowledge of certain principles dismiss the knowledge of many facts.»

«Knowledge in themselves of little worth, if not to be able to use them. The words of the famous physicist Pyotr Lebedev: «My bookcase knows more than I do, but I’m a physicist, and he didn’t,» adds Vladimir.

Belkin, for many years editor of the questions for the television game, says that the typical «bad» question was the question, what was the name of Elijah, because in the novel one time mentioned the name of his daughter. According to the «experts», many of the askers thought that players must have encyclopedic knowledge, whereas success in the game, as in life, really depends on the set of skills that develop in children the Belkin and Orlov.

Thus teachers emphasize that for the successful development of all necessary basic knowledge. In the first Israeli group called «the Academy of intelligence», which three years ago opened in tel Aviv, came 14 children aged 10 to 12 years, and during the first year of lessons teachers made a discovery that forced them to change the format of the «Academy».

«One day we spent with our children a game in which questions were asked starting with «In this city of Germany…» the Question was not about geography, but we have noticed that children are «stuck» and began unsuccessfully trying to remember what in Germany there are cities. And we realized that if ten children don’t know any German city with something to do. And from this was born a completely different course, aimed at younger children and designed to fill the «white spots» in their ideas about the world,» says Elena.

A course called «Encyclopedias» is aimed at children 6 to 9 years.

«Wherever man may live, he should know what the Mona Lisa and where is Africa. Therefore, we begin the course with the cosmos, the solar system, stars, globe. Then we move to Earth and study different countries. While traveling in Greece children dancing Sirtaki and learn to get out of the maze of the Minotaur, and getting into Latin America, learn tie-dye letters and numbers to the Maya,» explains Vladimir.

The last few years branches «of the Academy of intelligence» are in tel Aviv, Netanya, and modi’in, and for the fourth time announced the recruitment for the new academic year, applications are accepted in Jerusalem, Rishon LeZion. Teachers emphasize that to participate in lessons, kids don’t need to read and write in Russian.

«Vladimir Voroshilov always told us: «I don’t need scholars, I need people who think». And the children all think, and we certainly can help them think even better and faster to learn with pleasure», – says Vladimir Belkin.

Interviewed By Alla Gavrilova

Elena Orlova and Vladimir Belkin: «Joking and playing, you can teach the most serious things» 19.07.2017

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